Tips for Saving Money This Christmas

Christmas Tree

Everyone looks forward to the holidays. The chill in the air, the cheerful feeling and the warm memories. This year will be no different. But, with so many families facing tough economic times this year, we thought it would be a good time for us to offer a few tips on ways you can save money on Christmas … [Read more...]

Giant Artificial Christmas Tree

Giant Artificial Christmas Tree

A Giant Artificial Christmas Tree is the one element that often has the power to single-handedly transform entire indoor and outdoor environments into familiar scenes from a Christmas play or catalogue. One single centerpiece can seemingly fill public centers with the spirit and tradition of the holidays. And … [Read more...]

Year Round Uses for Battery Operated Lights

Mini vs LED Battery Lights: Brightness, Size

Battery powered lights have picked up in popularity with the expanding LED battery lights selection. Lights can now last longer on a single set of batteries, sometimes lasting an entire holiday season without a single battery change. Battery powered lights can be used year round. With LED battery lights, … [Read more...]

Introduction to Christmas Lights, Etc

Christmas Lights, Etc is starting to go into its 8th season since they began in 2000. They have had tremendous growth and were recognized in Inc. Magazine as one of the nation's 500 fastest growing companies for the past few years. The growth has been due to the great quality of products carried and the … [Read more...]

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