Christmas Mini Lights 101

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Christmas Mini Lights

Christmas Mini Lights

Christmas mini lights are a fun and decorative way to light up the holidays. Homes and businesses use Christmas lights in every color, shape, and size, from light strings to towering lighted displays and giant trees. But how do you determine which mini light string is best for you?

Many cheaper mini light strings need to just be tossed when the strings go out. When paying $2 for a box of strings that only needs to last a few days or weeks, this is usually fine. However, if you want your light strings to burn brightly throughout the season, or you would like to reuse your strands throughout the year and for seasons to come, investing a few more dollars in the technology and assurance of a better strand is well worth it.

What are some of the differences between a cheap big box store’s mini light string and ours? A cheap string of 50 or 100 count lights offers no advantages, and no assurances. When selecting from our standard mini lights, wire gauge is typically higher, wires are fused and stackable, bulbs are more secure in their sockets, and internal shunts work to ensure that if one light goes out, the rest stay lit. An internal shunt is a small wire that is within the glass bulb, and it keeps the current flowing if a bulb burns out. By continuing the flow of electricity, the light string remains lit despite a bulb no longer working.

Another step up in mini lights is to upgrade to premium mini lights. Premium mini lights are always indoor/outdoor use, and have all the same features as standard lights, with the addition of twist proof bulbs and lamp locks. Lamp locks help to keep a bulb nice and secure. If a bulb gets loose in the socket, it could lose its connection with the current, causing the light string to go out or partially go out. The task of finding a loose bulb is greatly reduced with lamp locks. Premium mini lights are excellent for lighting up indoor Christmas trees.

Commercial mini lights are the top of the line mini light. With twist proof bulbs, lamp locks, and the assurance that if one light goes out the rest stay it, commercial Christmas lights also have the heaviest gauge wire, allowing more strands to connect together.

From elegant clear lights to bright colors, chasing, and twinkling minis, Christmas lights offer visual excitement and joy. Varieties include craft lights without end connectors, 50, 100, 150 and 200 light counts, and light strings with spacing anywhere from 2.5″ – 6″. With great selection in lights, any application becomes possible, and with the technology ensuring if one light goes out, the rest stay lit, your decorations can shine bright throughout the season.

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