Grand Cascades For Rooflines and More

Hanging Grand Cascades

Hanging Grand Cascades

Falling Snow Lights

Like graceful snowflakes falling through the sky, Grand Cascade Lights give off a unique snowy effect. Lights start at the top of the tube and gently trickle down like snowflakes drifting through the air. Light speed is variable, falling at different speeds after each drip.

Cascades pull the eye, work well on trees and rooflines, and fit a standard C9 socket. Because they are LED, they are bright and true to color. To view an LED Snowfall in action, watch the video:

Decorating with Grand Cascade Lights

Decorate with Grand Cascades by purchasing each bulb at differing lengths. Because they come in packs of 5, purchasing different sets will allow you to create an arc of shimmering, falling light.

Grand Cascade Lights on Tree

Grand Cascade Lights on Tree

To save money, intermingle 12″ Grand Cascade tubes with C9 bulbs such as the tree decorated above. This allows you to space out the Grand Cascade while matching it with cool white C9 bulbs that appear like frozen ice.

Different Falling Snow Light Bulbs

There are two types of snowfall lights, the Grand Cascade Tubes and the Falling Icicle Lamps. The Grand Cascade Tube, as seen in the video, is a long plastic tube with lights that drip down the center. While the Falling Icicle Lamps have the same light display, they are shaped more like icicles hanging gracefully from the side of a frozen roof line. They fit a regular C7 socket.

Icicle Cascade Bulbs

Icicle Cascade Bulbs

The effects are startling. While the Grand Cascade Tubes look like snowflakes falling to the ground, the Falling Icicle Lights bring forth an image of a melting icicle on a cold winter day. Both types of Cascades, however, are outstandingly unique and beautiful.

Customizable Chrismtas Lights

Like other LEDs, Cascades come in several brilliant colors. Cool White, Blue, Red, Green, and Amber lights are all available. For ultimate customization, Cascades come in different lengths ranging from 5″ to 36″.

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate this holidays, try LED Grand Cascades.


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