Newbie Guide to Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Christmas by the Fireside

Christmas by the Fireside

The benefits of buying an artificial tree instead of a live tree are countless. Artificial trees are cleaner with no leaking sap or shedding needles and no requirement of regular watering and monitoring. They are safer because they do not dry out leading to a fire hazard. They come pre lit with no hassle of stringing lights. This means focusing more on the joy of the season and shopping for more thoughtful gifts and less time fretting over maintaining the Christmas tree. Artificial trees are reusable which means dollar savings each holiday season. With the following tips, choosing the perfect artificial tree will be an investment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Selecting a Pre Lit tree will allow the full convenience of owning an artificial tree. Pre Lit Christmas trees do away with the hassle of stringing lights and guarantee a more refined look. The lights shine brilliantly without showing excessive wiring and are spaced evenly throughout the tree. Pre Lit trees are simple to assemble with three basic parts. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors. See the following guides for help in choosing the perfect Pre Lit tree and see how easy it is to set up.

Selecting a TruTip™ tree will give the most authentic look. TruTip™ trees have been modeled after live coniferous or deciduous trees, capturing the color and structure of the needle as well as the branch and tree shape. They are made using an advanced technology of placing polyethylene plastic into molds created by live trees found in forests. A stiffer PVC material is used only in the very inner parts of the tree. TruTip™ trees bought from Christmas Lights, Etc have a higher ratio of the polyethylene material to PVC compared to other competing companies, assuring the look of authenticity.

Christmas Lights, Etc has designed two TruTip™ trees to add to its already extensive Pre Lit artificial trees collection. In 2011, the Colorado Pine and the Blue Aspen Fir, available in clear or warm white LEDs, are coming with much anticipation. The Colorado Pine looks utterly natural with mixed pine cones hanging from the branches. Until then, take a look at the Hunter and the Balsam Fir Tree just to see how real these TruTip™ trees look!

Canadian Fir Christmas Tree

Canadian Fir Christmas Tree

Match perfectly decorated Pre Lit trees with gorgeous prelit or decorative artificial Christmas wreaths to get a complete look. Christmas Lights, Etc is offering several new battery operated decorative wreaths so they can be easily hung on the front door, above the fireplace, or on a window. Allow the wreath to fully compliment the tree by hanging it on a wall perpendicular to the tree. Purchase a decorative wreath with cranberries and pine cones if the tree has a more natural feel. If the tree has warm white LEDs, match the wreath with the same lighting. Show off with style by coordinating the wreath with the look of the tree.

With all the tips and guides available by Christmas Lights, Etc, choosing the wrong tree is impossible. The quality of Pre Lit and TruTip™ trees sold by Christmas Lights, Etc assures enjoyment year after year. These trees come with a 10 year warranty, 3 on the lights, which is the best warranty in the artificial tree industry. This season, sit back and admire your perfectly selected tree while knowing the savings and benefits are still to come. Choosing your perfect Christmas tree is just a click away.

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