Prelit Christmas Trees Switch

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The Switch From Live to Artificial

Was this the year you switched from the live tree to an artificial prelit Christmas tree? Several customers opened up on why they chose to switch and cited several common reasons:

  • Allergies to live trees: Some people are allergic to live trees and require the artificial non-allergenic substance.
  • Money: Purchasing a live tree year after year can become expensive, and an artificial tree pays itself off over time.
  • Bugs: Many live trees are infested with bugs if not properly taken care of at tree farms.
  • Hassle: Many customers did not want to deal with the hassle of setting up a live Christmas tree or simply could not deal with the weight of it. Cleaning up after the tree also became troublesome when it shed and required constant watering.
  • Falling: Many customers reported that their live tree continually fell even after decorated.
  • Short lifespan: Live trees died while customers wanted a longer lasting display, thus turning to artificial Christmas trees.

Considering an Artificial

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to move from live tree to prelit Christmas tree, there are several things to keep in mind. There are many artificial trees on the market, but many that are sub-standard in terms of quality. If you enjoy the look of a live tree but not the hassle and other negative factors associated with live, looking for a quality tree is essential. As well as the look, there are seven considerations when buying an artificial Christmas tree. Make sure you know who you’re purchasing from when buying an artificial tree.

Lively Artificial Trees

If you want the beneficial features of an artificial tree with the looks of a live tree, there are several options available. The following trees are perfect for live tree enthusiasts:

The Hunter

The Hunter has dramatic downswept branches, mixed green coloring, and small, natural pinecones. It has a full profile for a traditional look and comes in clear incandescent bulbs or warm white LEDs. The Hunter is an extremely realistic artificial tree with a curving arch that bows to the floor, looking much like a fresh tree in the midst of a forest.

The Carolina Fir

The Carolina Fir is majestic in size and has a blend of light and dark tips resembling fresh growth. The tree has flat sprays and slender tips that branch upward and outward in a staggered appearance. The tree boasts a high tip count and comes in clear or multicolor lights.

The Brighton Fir

The Brighton Fir is a very traditional looking artificial Christmas tree with a healthy mix of dark and light needles. It comes in several profiles from traditionally full to medium, slender, or even the smallest, pencil profile. Coming in multicolor or clear lights, the Brighton Fir has a high light count and brightens up any space.

The Blue Aspen Fir

The Blue Aspen Fir has a full profile with a dense interior and soft blue-green colors throughout. It looks very much like a tree in a snowy forest. Available in clear incandescent bulbs or warm white LEDs, the Blue Aspen draws the eye with its powerful height and thick base.

Did You Make the Switch?

If you’re one of the many consumers who purchased an artificial Christmas tree instead of a live tree, share with us why in the comments. If you’re considering a prelit Christmas tree, why not purchase now for this season and many seasons to come? Artificial Christmas trees can look just as realistic as live and last much longer, so enjoy a prelit Christmas tree today. You’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

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