As Seen on TV WonderStand Is A Great Christmas Tree Stand for Decorating

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As Seen On TV

The new WonderStand makes decorating the Christmas tree easier than ever. With improved features, these Christmas tree stands live up to the name “Wonder” Stand. With a quick search, you can see the internet is buzzing with favorable reviews for the As Seen On TV WonderStand.

The features definitely help the WonderStand break ahead of the competition. The WonderStand can hold live trees up to 10 feet tall and 6 inches in trunk diameter. With its rotation technology, the WonderStand offers a unique way to decorate your tree.

Keep Out From Under the Tree

WonderStand keeps you from securing bolts beneath the tree. Instead, place the Christmas tree in the cup and then snap in place with the separate cup and base design. The WonderStand helps keep you out from beneath your tree and off your hands and knees. Even watering is made simple as the base contains a one gallon reservoir making frequent waterings unnecessary.

If the tree starts to tilt in the base, adjust the cup by up to 10 degrees to make sure your tree is straight. The WonderStand has a convenient foot pedal to adjust any of these features.

Decorate with Ease

Perhaps the greatest feature of the WonderStand is that the cup rotates all 360 degrees in the base so that all angles of the tree can be decorated. There are no more hard to reach places since decorating is as easy as spinning the tree.

Stringing lights becomes hassle free, and no spots will be bare on the tree. Hang ornaments in hard to reach places and make sure the tree is beautiful from all angles.

WonderStand is Ready for This Christmas

The WonderStand has been featured on channels such as HGTV and Hallmark for the upcoming 2011 season. If you’re in need of a hassle free stand that helps you avoid back strain, try the WonderStand.

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