Christmas in July Sale Heats Up Summer

Christmas in July Sale

A Christmas in July Sale is a great way to get into the joy of the Christmas season without the cold winds of winter. Across the world, Christmas in July is celebrated with Santa, Christmas decor, and gifts, just like the Christmas in December we know so well. Why Christmas in July? Initially, Christmas … [Read more...]

Prelit Christmas Trees Switch

Hunter Fir

The Switch From Live to Artificial Was this the year you switched from the live tree to an artificial prelit Christmas tree? Several customers opened up on why they chose to switch and cited several common reasons: Allergies to live trees: Some people are allergic to live trees and require the artificial … [Read more...]

As Seen on TV WonderStand Is A Great Christmas Tree Stand for Decorating

The Wonderstand

As Seen On TV The new WonderStand makes decorating the Christmas tree easier than ever. With improved features, these Christmas tree stands live up to the name "Wonder" Stand. With a quick search, you can see the internet is buzzing with favorable reviews for the As Seen On TV WonderStand. The … [Read more...]

Newbie Guide to Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Christmas by the Fireside

The benefits of buying an artificial tree instead of a live tree are countless. Artificial trees are cleaner with no leaking sap or shedding needles and no requirement of regular watering and monitoring. They are safer because they do not dry out leading to a fire hazard. They come pre lit with no hassle of … [Read more...]

LED Artificial Christmas Trees Generate Savings

Commercial LED Christmas Tree

LED Christmas trees are a great investment that will last years on end and never lose the radiant shine. With great benefits, choosing an LED Christmas tree is one of the easiest ways to cut down on spending throughout the holiday season. Here are the top reasons why people are switching to LED Christmas … [Read more...]

Protect Investments with Christmas Tree Storage Bags

hristmas Tree Storage Bag

Christmas Tree Storage Bags are a real tree-saver! Regardless of whether your artificial Christmas tree cost you $150 or $2000, it should be protected year round to ensure the best display and use year after year. The box artificial trees come in should be tossed as soon as the tree is removed. Boxes only … [Read more...]

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees Boast PE and PVC Tips

Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas Lights, Etc takes pride in the craftsmanship of its Christmas trees and decorations, working diligently to ensure families and friends will receive great joy in setting up and decorating their Christmas tree and home year after year. The family Christmas tree is considered by most Americans to be … [Read more...]

Giant Artificial Christmas Tree

Giant Artificial Christmas Tree

A Giant Artificial Christmas Tree is the one element that often has the power to single-handedly transform entire indoor and outdoor environments into familiar scenes from a Christmas play or catalogue. One single centerpiece can seemingly fill public centers with the spirit and tradition of the holidays. And … [Read more...]

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