Ideas for Decorating Your Roof This Christmas

Draw Attention To Your Roof Line This Christmas With LED Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights have gone through a great transformation from what many of us remember as children. Whereas our fathers struggled to illuminate a garage door or front window seal, we can now choose beautiful LED Christmas lights that can serve to outline our roof or to create an inviting path that … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Christmas Light Clips

All in One Light Clip

Hanging Christmas lights on your roof, banisters, railings and windows can be time consuming, especially if you are at the top of an extension ladder reaching to get that one last light hung just right. To hang Christmas lights like a professional, make sure you choose the right clips for your decorating. … [Read more...]

Christmas Decoration Testing and Preparation

Christmas To Do List

Summer is in full swing across the country and staying cool is the task at hand. But, as I sit and stare at my lighted palm tree, I can’t help but think that soon my favorite season will be here…Christmas. Each year I go through a schedule that allows me to prepare my Christmas lights, trees, and outdoor … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations with Mini Lights & Plywood


Title: DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations There are plenty of outdoor Christmas decorations on the market, but there may be times when you want a completely unique decoration. The following are instructions on making personalized and handmade decorations with Christmas mini lights, plywood, and some … [Read more...]

LED Christmas Lights on Houses

LED Lights Display

LED Christmas lights look perfect on houses, trees, rooftops, and down walkways and driveways. People are making the switch from traditional incandescent Christmas lights to LED Christmas lights every day, and the difference is immediate. How to Hang Christmas Lights Hanging outdoor Christmas lights can be … [Read more...]

Rope Light Cutting Instructions Available

Rope Light on Truck

Rope light can be one of the most versatile lighting products in the industry. Rope light is used in commercial and residential applications, for purposes ranging from framing buildings and parade floats to wrapping up trees and highlighting home interiors. Once you become familiar with the uses of rope … [Read more...]

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