How LED Lights Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


It's no secret that LED lights are more energy efficient and better for the environment than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights; however, they also offer a far greater advantage: reducing your carbon footprint. What is your carbon footprint and why should you care? Your carbon footprint is the … [Read more...]

Macy’s Great Tree Supplied by Christmas Lights, Etc


Macy's is known for its large trees and grand Christmas displays throughout the US, starting with the Thanksgiving lighting of its Great Tree. This year, the Atlanta Macy's at Lenox Mall is breaking away from live trees and opting to use an artificial Christmas tree in its 2013 Christmas celebration. … [Read more...]

Incandescent vs LED Christmas Lights


Christmas is coming, and it is time to start planning for Christmas lights. Are you choosing between incandescent or LED Christmas lights this year? Why we choose our Christmas lights depend on factors ranging from color and brightness to cost and power needs. Know what your Christmas lights say about you, … [Read more...]

How Eco Friendly LED Bulbs Impact Landfills

Eco Friendly LED Lighting

In a world that has ever increasing energy demands, examining the role that lighting can play in environmental stability has become an increasingly popular discussion. For many, this discussion is focused purely on how much energy a bulb consumes, whether it is during the production cycle or when used by the … [Read more...]

Earth Day Brides Conserve with LED Wedding Lights


For decades, wedding planners have chosen conventional clear mini lights to illuminate reception halls, light up outdoor tents and highlight wedding centerpieces and focal points. These lights offered that signature soft glow, transforming common rooms into elegant dreamscapes. These days however, modern … [Read more...]

Tips for Saving Money This Christmas

Christmas Tree

Everyone looks forward to the holidays. The chill in the air, the cheerful feeling and the warm memories. This year will be no different. But, with so many families facing tough economic times this year, we thought it would be a good time for us to offer a few tips on ways you can save money on Christmas … [Read more...]

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