How Eco Friendly LED Bulbs Impact Landfills

Eco Friendly LED Lighting

In a world that has ever increasing energy demands, examining the role that lighting can play in environmental stability has become an increasingly popular discussion. For many, this discussion is focused purely on how much energy a bulb consumes, whether it is during the production cycle or when used by the … [Read more...]

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban – Funding Prohibited, but How Long?

100W Incandescent Phaseout Blog

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 is an Act of Congress that includes an incandescent bulb phase out. The act has since been termed by many as the "Incandescent Light Bulb Ban," resulting in heated debates and raising fears in consumers who are not ready to make the switch from traditional … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Lights Up Holiday Dreams on Ice

Holiday Dreams on Ice Tree

A prelit Christmas tree lit up the night on 12/16 in Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn, NY. Olympic figure skating fans witnessed a magical night as Johnny Weir, a three time US National Champion and two time Olympian, joined Holiday Dreams on Ice to create an unforgettable Olympic figure skating … [Read more...]

Christmas Lights, Etc Sets Up Disaster Relief Fund

Superstorm Sandy Hits East Coast

Christmas Lights, Etc is proud to announce that with every sale, they are donating to the Red Cross to help disaster victims like those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy, known as the Superstorm or even Frankenstorm by some media outlets, created floods and dangerous conditions all throughout the … [Read more...]

Fox News and CNN Visit Christmas Lights, Etc

Fraser Fir LED Christmas Tree

Fox News and CNN visited the Christmas Lights, Etc showroom in Alpharetta, GA today to feature LED Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights have been selling faster than any other Christmas light this year, and the success of LED light sales at Christmas Lights, Etc has been record breaking. Fox News and CNN … [Read more...]

Christmas Lights for Celiac

Christmas Lights for Celiac

Christmas Lights, Etc contributes to numerous charitable foundations each year, one of which includes Christmas Lights for Celiac. Christmas Lights for Celiac is dedicated to raising funds for the Center for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, as well as increasing awareness of … [Read more...]

Price, Quality, Service and Dependability

The internet is filled with online retailers and the Christmas lights and decorations industry is no different. With so many sites to buy from, how can you tell which "company" will provide you with the best price, quality, service and dependability? Before making a purchase, most customers choose to do … [Read more...]

Introduction to Christmas Lights, Etc

Christmas Lights, Etc is starting to go into its 8th season since they began in 2000. They have had tremendous growth and were recognized in Inc. Magazine as one of the nation's 500 fastest growing companies for the past few years. The growth has been due to the great quality of products carried and the … [Read more...]

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