10 DIY Christmas Card Holders

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Despite today’s digital age of email, social media, and text messages, Christmas cards are still a prominent part of the holiday season. And they should be; there’s nothing like seeing a personalized piece of mail, addressed to you, that isn’t junk or a credit card bill.

Because of the influx of festive letters, card holders are a big trend for displaying holiday cards as a Christmas decoration. And because of the do-it-yourself trend, there are many creative ways to make one with just a few materials, many of which can be found around the house.

Here are 10 DIY Christmas card holder ideas:
1. Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Card Holder!

Head to your garden shed, pull out a tomato cage, grab a few clips add a LED Christmas lights string and voila, you have a cute Christmas card holder that doubles as a fun illuminated decoration! Take a look at our DIY Tomato Cage Tree post for complete steps on this project as well as a few other fun DIY tomato cage ideas!

DIY Christmas Lights

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Card Holder

2. Corks from Wine Bottles

Save the cork from wine bottles to make an easy card holder. Using a hot glue gun, glue the corks to a strip of ribbon or to themselves. Attach the cards by thumbtacks (or essentially anything with a pointy end) and you’re set.

3. String and Clothespins

String and clothespins go hand-in-hand when it comes to hanging Christmas cards. Fasten some decorative string to a rustic plank of wood or an antique frame, or stick the string directly to the wall. Add the clothespins and cards to bring it to life.

4. Festive Fabric and Foam Boards

Have some leftover Christmas fabric or an old holiday sweater? Wrap it around a piece of foam board for an easy card holder. You can hang them using string or prop them against the wall on their own.

5. Christmas Lights

Brighten up your holiday cards with some string lights! Just clip the cards onto some LED lights, which won’t harm the cards since the lights are cool to the touch. Hang them on their own or place them in a frame.

6. Christmas Mugs

Nothing says the holidays more than a Christmas mug, but instead of filling it with hot cocoa, it can be your new card holder if you add a little bit of heavy duty craft wire. Bend one end of the wire with pliers to create a swirly design and stick the wire’s other end in a piece of foam holder to place in the mug. The cards can be placed between the circle rings.

7. Clothespin Wreath

Create a Christmas wreath to double as a card holder! Grab some tough wire (or unravel a coathanger) and bend it into the shape of a circle. Before tying the ends together, slip clothespins onto the wire until it’s filled. Connect the ends and you’re finished. If you want to get fancy, spray-paint the pins, add beads in Christmas shades between the pins, and top it off with a ribbon.

8. Coathanger Tree

This project is too cute to pass up. Using the picture above as a guide, position the hangers in the form of a tree and tape them together where they overlap. Add clothespins for the cards, along with any holiday flair.

9. Card Tree

10. Around the Doorframe

This one’s easy and perfect for small homes since it takes up almost no space. Decorate a door with a thick ribbon and clip your cards to the ribbon. Viola!

Okay, we know we said 10 ideas…but, just one more!

Spruce up an old mail holder to display your holiday cards this season. Use ribbon, a flat Christmas tree ornament or stencil a merry message on the outside to finish the look.

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