5 Ways to Reuse Christmas Lights for Your New Year’s Eve Party

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Not ready to take down all your Christmas decorations? Put holiday lights to use by adding them to your New Year’s eve bash! We’ve found 5 awesome ways to reuse your Christmas lights so you can ring in the New Year the right way by creating a chic party atmosphere. Here’s how you can reuse those Christmas light strings to create the perfect New Year’s Eve party ambiance…and the best part is you don’t have to spend any extra money to get your house looking fabulous!

1. Making a champagne punch? Don’t throw away the bottles!

Once the party beverages have been made, clean out the glass bottles and fill with a few strands of Christmas lights to create a festive centerpiece or bar decor.


2. Make a DIY photo booth with fabric, props and Christmas light strings!

Use painters tape and removable hooks to secure fabric and lights to a wall or drape them over an existing curtain rod. Then add a few props and keep a camera or phone nearby so your guests can capture the memories! We used Purple M5 LED Mini lights and sheer silver fabric for this party!

christmas lights ideas

DIY New Years Eve Party Photo booth


3. Illuminate gathering spaces! 

Hanging mini light strings and tinsel garland behind serving tables and above seating areas can create fun atmosphere any room!


4. Turn your Christmas tree into a New Years tree!

Take down your Christmas ornaments and add gold and silver accents, shimmering ribbons, party favors and any other festive New Year’s themed decor you might have. This will provide extra party illumination and buy you a few extra days of Christmas tree enjoyment!


5. Make your own New Year’s Eve Sparkle Light Ball!

This tutorial on sparkleball.com will show you how to create the look!  If you like the style of these DIY sparkleballs but want to have a more durable option for multiple years of use, our multicolor LED starlight spheres are the perfect solution!

new years eve party ideas

DIY New Year’s Eve Light Ball

New Years Eve party lights

Multicolor LED Starlight Sphere

Want a few more ideas on how to decorate with Christmas lights? Check out our post on the top 10 indoor Christmas lights ideas!

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