Artificial Christmas Trees and Thanksgiving Traditions

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Carolina Fir Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Carolina Fir Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees make up a large part of many family Thanksgiving traditions. Artificial Christmas trees can be assembled and decorated weeks sooner than live trees, so many families like to bring their trees out the week prior to Thanksgiving. Lighted trees make a beautiful backdrop to turkey dinners and family photos. It is also a common tradition to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving decorating the tree and house for the holidays.

This year my family will be decorating our tree after Thanksgiving dinner. Finally home for the first time in five years, we chose to assemble the tree this past weekend, and we will burn a few calories putting up ornaments while listening to Christmas music after Thanksgiving dinner. Having once been a live tree family that celebrated the holidays at other family member’s homes, we are now elated owners of an artificial Christmas tree, making our own traditions and family dinners one holiday at a time.

It’s fun to drive around town and see how many other families have joined the early decorating rush, and to see the new products everyone has added to their displays. We are still waiting for the traditional day after Thanksgiving to add Christmas lights to the outside of our house, but that is just a practice in patience. I love anyone who greets their guests to Thanksgiving dinner with a home already decorated inside and out.

Thanksgiving dinner decorations

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