Christmas Decorating With Lighted Snowflakes

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Close your eyes and imagine your favorite Christmas movie or holiday painting…does the image you see involve snow? Whether falling softly in front of the window, creating a shimmering blanket across the yard or coating everything from the roof to the branches of trees, snowflakes are a magical and integral part of Christmas memories, even if you’ve never seen the real thing! No matter where you live you can enhance your natural winter white surroundings or paint a snow filled picture across your home and yard this holiday season with lighted snowflake decorations!

Like any great artist, you’ll want to decide what materials you’re going to use to create your own image of winter perfection and with lighted snowflake decorations there is no shortage of creative options!

lighted snowflake decorations

Creative Options With Lighted Snowflakes


The 3 Main Types of Lighted Snowflake Motifs

  • Sturdy frame outlined with incandescent rope light
  • Sturdy frame outlined with LED rope light
  • Folding frame snowflakes with LED mini lights

Snowflake Sizes From Tip to Tip
Lighted snowflakes usually range from 20” to 48” giving you a broad array of sizes perfect for small and large settings like front porches, doors or outdoor trees.

Light Colors for Snowflakes
Snowflake light decorations usually come in colors like warm white, cool white and blue, or combinations like blue and cool white. The difference between warm white and cool white lighted snowflakes relates to color tone. Warm white tends to have a little more golden hue whereas cool white tends to have a bright, pure white hue. Depending on your display needs you can select the color tone that’s right for you.

snowflake christmas light

Blue and White Rope Light Snowflake Motif

LED lights folding snowflake

Folding Snowflake Motif

Now that you know what types of snowflakes are available, let’s move on to the creative uses for these classic Christmas decorations!

Decorating Ideas Using Lighted Snowflakes

Step into a Winter Wonderland every time you arrive home with a few of our favorite Christmas porch decoration ideas using lighted snowflakes:

  • Secure snowflakes to railings on the porch or front steps
  • Hanging across the porch or above the front entry way
  • Hang on or above the front door
collection of snowflake lights above the front entry

Gorgeous Snowflake Collection Above The Front Entry


Concerned about storing all those snowflakes? The porch design shown below was created using our new folding snowflakes, an innovative new design perfect for Christmas decorators who are short on storage space. Just fold them up and store on a shelf or in a drawer until next year!

hang lighted snowflakes across the porch

Lighted Snowflake Porch Decorations


Help Santa and his reindeer find your house this year with snowflake lights on top of the roof. You can lay them flat or position them standing up to create the look you want for your Christmas display. This will be the most cheerful landing Santa has ever experienced!

lighted snowflakes roof decorations

Blue Snowflakes Propped Up On The Roof

snowflake roof lights

Stand Snowflake Lights Upright On The Roof


Decorating with snowflakes doesn’t have to stop at the house, attach snowflake lights to your front gate and fence to greet neighbors and friends passing by with a wintry welcome!

snowflake fence lights

Snowflakes Hang Along A Fence


Extend your magical winterscape to the front yard by creating a collage of lighted snowflakes among the trees.

lighted snowflake christmas decorations

Lighted Snowflakes and Stars Hanging From Tree Branches


Can you imagine walking under this stunning light canopy? We took a peek from below and it was breathtaking!

snowflake and star motifs

Snowflakes and Stars Lighted Display


If you just can’t get enough of this fun wintry mix, snowflake string lights are a perfect addition to indoor and outdoor Christmas displays! We’ve listed a few ways to decorate with snowflake shaped light strings, but the possibilities are endless! If we missed one, let us know in the comments below!

Ideas for Decorating With Snowflake String Lights


  • Wrap tree trunks, columns and railings
  • Hang snowflake icicle lights from the roof
  • Create a shimmering mantel display with snowflake lights and hang a lighted snowflake motif above the fireplace too!
  • Add whimsical lighting to your winter wedding!
led snowflake decorative string lights

Blue / White LED Snowflake Lights

warm white LED snowflake lights

Warm White LED Snowflake Lights

snowflake light string

Blue LED Snowflake String Lights






hang snowflake icicle lights along the gutter

Snowflake Icicle Lights

Ready to create your snowflake themed light display? We recommend browsing our selection of Christmas snowflake lights while listening to another holiday classic, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

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