Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas for Off Season Use

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Put those Christmas lights and rope lights to good use during the Off Season. Christmas lights are the perfect lighting accessories throughout the year and can lighten up any occasion. Our battery powered lights allow you to hang lights where cords may not reach, LED rope lights can be shaped to fit around outdoor patio furniture, and lighted palm trees add a tropical touch to your outdoor décor. Experiment with a few of the following ideas.

Battery Powered Christmas Light Ideas

Battery powered Christmas Lights for Patio Umbrella

Battery Powered Christmas Lights
for Patio Umbrella

If you need a little inspiration for how to use your battery powered lights, here are a few ideas:

  • Illuminate decks and patios with light strings near furniture.
  • Attach some battery powered white lights to a patio umbrella for extra light or ambiance.
  • Add some colorful lights to the underside of your glass patio table. The lights shining through will give a unique look to your next outdoor dinner.

Now that the furniture is taken care of, look around your yard. If you have planter boxes or large flower pots, drape the battery powered lights around sturdy trees and bushes or simply decorate the planter and pot.

Patio Christmas Lights

If you prefer standard, plug-in Christmas lights for your outdoor décor, try our selection of patio string lights.

  • Drape the lights beneath a large pergola for a starry night effect.
  • Criss cross the patio string lights across your deck or patio for the look of an outdoor café.
  • Stake the lights along walkways to illuminate sidewalks and other pathways

Go Tropical with Lighted Palm Trees

Lighted Palm Trees

Lighted Palm Trees

“Plant” a few lighted palm trees in your yard for your next party or create an outdoor tropical oasis for your family. The soft light from these trees will set the mood on a warm spring or summer night.

  • Liven up your deck by attaching lighted palm trees with zip ties. Use a palm tree to lighten up a dark corner or next to your door to invite guests into your tropical oasis.
  • Randomly prop up lighted palm trees in your yard for your next party. The trees make great conversation pieces and you could even set up food or bar stations at each tree to match the palm tree color.
  • To create a Hawaiian oasis in your yard, simply get a few tiki torches, some lighted palm trees, and some island music and you are ready to relax.
  • As an added bonus, check out starlight stakes and globes. The stakes are perfect for intermingling in your garden, as path markers for your guests, or for surrounding your patio.

Wedding Lights for Outdoors and Wedding Tents

You spent a good deal of money on your wedding with the ceremony, reception, flowers, food, and countless parties. Accentuate your efforts with wedding lights. Here are a few ways to add some light touches:

  • Use net lights as backdrops for great photos.
  • Mix flower light sets into your flower arrangements for nice path markers or for just an added touch to any bouquet.
  • Add a lighted runner to your table to invite guests to eat and mingle or highlight the head table with battery operated lights.

Our wide selection of white lights is a simple, unobtrusive way to add some flare and light to your reception and wedding-related parties. To read more about wedding tips, check out the Wedding Lights Guide.

Wedding Lights at a Head Table

Wedding Lights at a Head Table

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