Christmas Lights Make for Perfect Graduation Party Ideas

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Graduation Cap

Graduation Cap

May is the month where graduations begin to take place. College, university, and high school graduates around the country will have graduation parties thrown in their honor. In addition to the classic decorations such as a cap and gown centerpiece or a diploma cake, why not brighten the day with some mini or LED Christmas lights?

The premium mini lights at Christmas Lights, Etc can provide a great theme for the grad. The variety of colors of these Christmas lights gives you the option of matching the colors to the graduate’s school colors. For example, if the graduate’s school colors are green and yellow, our green and yellow mini lights can be arranged to honor the school by surrounding the cake, decorating a window, or as simple accents throughout the house or hall at which you are having the party. Decorating a cutout or picture of the school mascot with the colored mini lights is another way to pay tribute to your graduate.

Our battery-powered Christmas lights are a unique car decoration if you are driving to a college graduation with family or friends. The drive can take hours or minutes, whatever the case, affix some battery-powered Christmas lights to your car perhaps by writing the graduates name, the name of the school’s team, or by just outlining the car windows. If you are the graduate, the battery powered Christmas lights in school colors can be used on your cap or beneath your gown. That way your family will know exactly where you are throughout the graduation ceremony.

A great graduation gift for a recent college grad is their first Christmas tree. Now we know you may feel awkward giving an artificial tree as a gift (especially in May) but, if the graduate is heading off on their own for the first time, in December they will be thanking you for your gift. The last thing a twenty something thinks of with their new place is how they will decorate for Christmas. Find the perfect tree with our Christmas tree finder, wrap a few ornaments to start their own collection, and a few sets of LED Christmas lights. They will have the memory of that gift in their minds every year as they decorate their tree. That memory will come with the warmth and caring of a family or friend that thought enough to get them a unique graduation gift of their  first Christmas tree.

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