Christmas Decorations that Make an Impression

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Christmas decorations are one of the best parts of the holiday seasons. From waving Santas to colorful LED fields of light, homeowners love to show off their personalities through holiday decorating. Everyone loves Christmas decorations, whether elegant and tasteful or a yard filled with every decoration that still works. Below are a few that have caught our eye:

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations

Previewing these images brings to mind the importance of understanding Christmas power consumption to keep from experiencing a Griswold Christmas lighting. Many of these infamous decorators will surely be switching to LED lights if they have not already, both for visual impact and because more lights can be put together – sometimes as many as 125 sets! A quick calculation for power requirements is as follows, taking on the example that we are working with 100 5-watt bulbs:

100 bulbs x 5watts = 500 watts

500 watts / 120 volts = 4.17 amps

Again, read through the Christmas Power Consumption article to get detailed information on determining power needs for all your Christmas decorations and lighting projects.

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