Festive Easter Lights and Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Decorating Ideas using Icicle Lights

Easter Decorating Ideas using Icicle Lights

Celebrate Easter this year with simple Easter decorating ideas to impress the family and set the perfect atmosphere for a gathering. Decorating for Easter has several benefits, including making for good picture backdrops when the little ones hunt eggs and increasing the excitement of visitors. Choosing Easter colors and decorating with centerpieces, wreaths, and Easter lights is key to achieving a theme that the whole family will remember.

Choosing Easter Colors

Because Easter is celebrated when the excitement of Spring is at its peak, Easter decorating ideas can also be used as Spring decorations. Choose bright colors such as purple, green, blue, yellow, and pink to represent new life in the blooming flowers. Pastels of these colors work well in decorating to add brightness, and white represents purity. All of these colors and more can be combined or singled out to create a palette for your unique design.

Allowing children to decorate eggs in any color will also inspire kids. They’ll be thrilled when you show off their work and place the eggs in your Easter decorations.

Easter Lights


DIY Easter String Lights

DIY Easter String Lights

Easter lights can be used in many different places throughout the home and yard, whether complementing other decorations, lining staircases, or hanging from trees and porches. While pastel Easter lights are traditional, a nifty idea for displaying Easter lights is by combining them with plastic eggs. Cut a small hole at the bottom of the plastic egg and insert the bulb. If placing these Easter egg lights in an basket, cover the wires with fake grass so that they remain hidden; otherwise, hang Easter lights from trees and overhangs, or drape along tables and mantles.

Easter Wreaths for the Front Door

Welcome friends and family to your home with an Easter wreath on the front door. Creating an Easter wreath is simple. Take any wreath you have and decorate with colorful ribbons, making large bows or long, swooping arcs throughout. Add pastel ornaments and matching plastic eggs to complement Easter lights woven throughout the wreath. This Easter decorating idea can also be left up all Spring.

Easter Centerpieces for the Dinner Table

Easter Table Centerpieces

Easter Table Centerpieces

There are several easy Easter decorating ideas for table centerpieces that draw attention to the table without overpowering the mood:

  • Take a glass bowl and set it in the middle of the table. Fill it with Easter basket grass and nestle pastel ornaments within to represent eggs.
  • Place an Easter basket in the midst of the table and fill with Easter lights, giving the table a warm glow.

Whether using a glass bowl or a child’s Easter basket, you can fill with a mixture of lights, ornaments, and even painted eggs for the egg hunt. Coupled with a bright tablecloth or place-mats, these centerpieces will give a lively feeling to any meal.


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