The Magic Of Fairy Lights For Holiday Decorating

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No one likes a flock of sad fairies. Feeling left out of Christmas, the fairies were beside themselves. Not wanting their fellow storybook friends moping through the holidays, Santa’s elves got together and created a special Christmas light so beautiful and unique they would forever be called Fairy Lights to celebrate their special friends. And to this day, there’s a little magic in all fairy lights that makes everything they’re used for that much more enchanting.

Fairy lights add a little spirit to all holiday decorations and DIY Christmas craft projects because they’re tiny, beautiful and very easy to work with on just about any type of decor.

Fairy Light Color Options

white fairy lights

Warm White LED Lights

blue fairy lights

Blue LED Lights

white led fairy lights

Cool White LED Lights

green fairy lights

Green LED Lights

led fairy lights

Multicolor LED Lights

red led fairy lights

Red LED Lights

Specialty Fairy Lights

mesh rope fairy lights

Green Mesh Light

fairy lights spray

Plug In or Battery Powered

fairy lights ribbon

Blue Ribbon Lights






Fairy lights have vivid colors, they use energy saving LED bulbs and with battery powered options you can decorate anything anywhere. It’s easy to see why these tiny lights are so popular!

Holiday Decorating With Fairy Lights

With so many light color and style options the design possibilities are endless! To help inspire your creativity we’ve gathered some of our favorite holiday decorating ideas using fairy lights. If you have a few of your own not shown below, let us know in the comments, we would love to see how you decorate with fairy lights in your home! Enjoy!

Create a glowing centerpiece for Christmas dinner using ornaments and fairy string lights!

Fairy Lights Christmas Centerpiece

Brighten your Thanksgiving or Christmas table this year by adding battery operated lights to your centerpiece! Place fairy lights in mason jars and vases or weave them along the table and around other decorations. Adding faux snow or ornaments to your light filled jars makes for one cheerful holiday display while hiding the battery pack too!

christmas table decoration fairy lights

Christmas Table Centerpiece

Image via: BeAFunMum

Add extra shimmer under the tree and around your home by wrapping presents or decorative gift boxes with ribbon lights. You can even shape these flexible ribbons into a bow on top of packages! Looking for a way to refresh your holiday greenery? Ribbon lights are popular for wrapping around Christmas wreaths and garland too!

Illuminate a plain ribbon bow by lining it with fairy lights or ribbon lights!

Ribbon Lights Christmas Present Decoration

Wrap grapevine balls with lights, then place them in garden planters on each side of your front door or hang them from tree branches. We recommend using battery operated fairy lights for indoor grapevine light balls and plug in lights for outdoor use.

grapevine ball with fairy lights

Lighted Grapevine Ball

lighted grapevine ball topiary

Grapevine Ball Topiary

Image via: OliverandRust
hanging lighted grapevine balls

Lighted Grapevine Balls Hanging from Tree Branches

Image via:

Make a DIY Christmas luminary. You may have a few glass orbs around the house already, but if not you can pick up glass globe fixtures like the one below from the thrift store or your local hardware store, then just add a string of battery operated or plug-in lights to the inside to create a frosted winter nightlight in no time!

diy luminaries with fairy lights

DIY Lighted Luminaries

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Make a winter wonderland themed scene contained inside a shadowbox or create a Christmas snow globe using bottle brush trees, Christmas village pieces, faux snow and LED lights! We recommend battery operated fairy lights for these DIY projects.

christmas shadowbox diy

Lighted Christmas Shadowbox Decoration

Image via: Popsugar
snow globe with fairy lights

Fairy Lights Snow Globe

Image via: Pink Pistachio

Create a frozen themed chandelier for your little girl’s bedroom! Wrap sheer fabric and white fairy lights around a wire wreath frame, then hang snowflakes and icicles from the wires for a shimmering effect fit for an Arendelle princess! You can also hang ornaments or ribbons from the wires and use lights in matching colors to create a one of a kind DIY chandelier for any room.

Frozen  Themed DIY Chandelier Light for Kids. Make a DIY Room Light using Fairy Lights, Snowflakes and White Ribbon!

Frozen Fairy Lights Chandelier

Now you’re ready to experience the magic of holiday decorating with fairy lights in your own home! Click the image below to find lights for your next Christmas decorating project!

shop fairy lights

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