Halloween Lights and Decorations Reimagined From Christmas

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Do you know what’s scary? The amount of ways you can creatively use string lights for different holidays, including Halloween! Some people love spectacularly spooky Halloween decorations that send shivers up the spine, while others prefer a more playful, fun approach. The best part about decorating with Halloween lights is that the most popular colors and combinations can work for any decorative style, including making spellbinding scenes like an entire Halloween forest.

Light Wrapped Trees for Halloween

Electric Forest Halloween Light Wrapped Trees


So Many Halloween Light Options, It’s Scary!

Orange and purple lights may take center stage during October, but the addition of green lights is also becoming very popular as more people add color combinations to their Halloween displays. These scenes also include new string lights that feature orange and purple lights or green and purple lights on the same string. The result is absolutely mesmerizing illumination!

From The Pumpkin Patch: Orange Halloween Lights

Wrap your trees, porch and gutters, or accent your decor with orange or amber lights. Pumpkin orange is wildly popular as a Halloween color and there are more style options available than you may have realized! From orange LED lights to traditional incandescent mini lights, creating unique Halloween displays with the lights you love is easier than ever! And, here’s a quick trick: Change out your front porch light with an orange bulb because plain light just isn’t the same on Halloween!

orange-led-mini-lights orange halloween lights amber-halloween-led-lightsorange-c7-lights orange-halloween-light-bulb haloween-orange-mini-light orange-starlight-sphere




Bubbling Potions: Purple Halloween Lights

Not to be outdone, purple lights go hand in hand with orange. Not only are purple Halloween lights a perfect accent to pumpkin hues, they make everything sufficiently eerie in a very cool way. Create wickedly enchanting displays by using purple lighting as tree wraps or outline decorations by wrapping purple lights around fake spiders, cauldrons, bats or cats!

purple halloweeen lights purple halloweeen lights Purple Halloween Fence Lights purple halloweeen lights purple halloweeen lights purple halloweeen lights purple halloweeen lights



Ghoulish Glow: Green Halloween Lights

Green might be the newcomer to the Halloween light scene, but this ghostly hue won’t be banished any time soon! A flawless complement to both purple and orange lights, green lights are incredibly versatile. Pair orange and green to add a fun glow over a festive pumpkin patch, or mix purple and orange to send shivers up the spine in a creepy, graveyard scene.

LED green halloween lights green halloween lightsGrand Cascade LED lightsgreen and purple halloween lights green halloween lights green halloween lights green halloween lights

Halloween Decoration Lighting Ideas

To help get those creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with decorative uses for some of the most popular lighting styles in the signature colors of Halloween. These light styles are:

Mini String Lights
C7 & C9 Bulbs
Starlight Spheres
Craft Mini Lights & Fairy Lights
Icicle Lights
Net Lights


LED Mini String Lights – Hauntingly Versatile Halloween Lighting

You’ve seen trees wrapped in lights for Christmas, so why not create a spellbinding electric forest the same way!

Trees Wrapped with Purple and Orange LED String Lights on Halloween

Trees Wrapped with Orange and Purple Halloween Lights


To create our haunted Halloween forest we used the following:
The Christmas Lights Etc. Guide to Wrapping Trees (step by step photo instructions makes wrapping trees with lights a cinch!)
Purple/Green combination LED light strings
Purple/Orange combination LED light strings
Purple, Orange & Green LED mini lights

Halloween Decoration Ideas, Including a Spooky Forest Created with String Light Wrapped Trees!

Light Wrapped Trees

Halloween Decoration Ideas, Including a Spooky Forest Created with String Light Wrapped Trees!

Purple Light Wrapped Trees


C7 & C9 Bulbs – High Impact With a Pinch of Spooky Style

Light a path for trick-or-treaters and then welcome them with an inviting porch display.. and candy of course!

Light a Path for Trick or Treaters on Halloween!

Flicker Flame Bulb Pathway Lights

Flicker flame bulbs staked along the walkway serve as a helpful guide on Halloween night, but also look incredibly eerie while dancing and floating in the dark.

halloween lights

Halloween Porch Decorations

Image via: Style Estate

By hanging decorative Halloween pom poms and ghostly fabric from a string of warm white C9 LED bulbs you can create a playful Halloween porch display that kids will love. Prefer a more frightening front entrance? Try hanging red bulbs along the porch and switch out the pom poms for spiders and bats!


Starlight Spheres – Magical, Floating Lights!

If you want to use the trees in your yard as a focal point but don’t want to wrap them, hanging starlight spheres in purple, orange and green is a fun way to draw the eye! The suspended orbs look like they’re floating in air, perfect for setting a spooky scene.
Love to DIY? Create your own light balls!

halloween lights

Halloween Light Balls Floating in Trees


Craft Fairy Lights – The Essential DIY Halloween Decoration

Battery operated fairy lights are the DIY’ers dream decorating accessory and an incredibly easy way to illuminate just about anything for Halloween! Wrap twisted branches in spooky accent lights, then place them in a vase and add spiderwebs for spine tingling effect. Brighten a pumpkin, Halloween wreath, enchanting table setting or mantel display with mini light strings and even create a complete scene in a jar or shadowbox and use lights in complementary hues to set the tone. The possibilities are endless!

halloween lights and decorations

Halloween Table Decorations

Halloween Decoration Ideas with String Lights

Pumpkin Wrapped With Fairy Lights

halloween lights

Halloween Mantel Decorations

Image via: It’s a Horvath’s Life

halloween lights

Halloween Craft Using LED Fairy Lights

Image via: Uncommon Designs

Icicle Lights – Wickedly Stylish Illumination!

Once thought of only during Christmas time, icicle lights are making their way into everyday use as ambient bedroom lighting, elegant wedding decorations and now, Halloween lights! Drape themed icicle light strings in purple/orange or purple/green along the fence or across the porch and hang them from the roof in colors to complement existing outdoor Halloween decorations. The addition of a few strands of icicle lights can completely transform the feel of your entire display!

halloween yard decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Yard Decorations

Purple and Orange Halloween Themed String Lights Illuminate a Fence

Purple and Orange Halloween Fence Lights

Halloween Lights and Decoration Ideas

Icicle Lights and Spooky Decorations Across The Porch on Halloween

So awesome! Purple and Green Icicle Lights for Halloween!

Purple/Green Combination Icicle Lights

Purple and Green Icicle Lights Line a Fence for Halloween!

Purple/Green Icicle Fence Lights

For some Halloween enthusiasts, the fun only just begins with string lights! Captivating music, incredible lighting and creative ingenuity combine to create stunning Halloween light shows like the one below. If you have a video or photo to share of your own amazing Halloween decorations and lighting creations we would LOVE to see them! Leave a comment and tell us about the bewitching project you’ll be working on this year!

Ready to create something wickedly amazing this October? Shop our Halloween themed Lights and Decorations!


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