5 Under-Appreciated Ways to Use Outdoor Patio String Lights

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Patio Lights

Patio Lights

Some may think that mini lights get all the glory or icicle lights are the go-to option for decorating but outdoor patio string lights deserve their due. Patio string lights are just as versatile as mini lights, as bright as LEDs, and can easily be used for multiple decorating needs. In fact, we came up with 5 unique ways to decorate with the classic look of patio string lights:

  • Spice up a boring gazebo A gazebo is a nice addition to any yard but when the sun sets, you will need some lighting to brighten the gathering. Hang some patio string lights on the edge of the gazebo for a simple yet elegant lighting effect.
  • Give your outdoor dinner party a theme Summer is the time to head outside and entertain guests around the grill. Anyone can grill a burger and a brat, so why not be different? Set the stage for a themed dinner with patio lights. Give the look of an outdoor Italian café or a Hawaiian luau and create a menu to match. Entertain your guests with your creativity.
  • Spotlight your garden You work hard on your garden. Whether it’s fruits and veggies or a flower garden blooming with color, there is no reason to not showcase your green thumb at night! Combine the patio lights with outdoor walkway stakes and let the bulbs light up your garden.
  • Change your bulbs and change your vibe Who says your patio lights need to be white? Not us. Vary the bulb colors based on the holiday, your mood, or the occasion.
  • Light your pathways Nothing spells trouble like an unlit path for your visitors. It’s easy to light their way. Use the walkway stake and patio bulb combination to illuminate the entryway to your home or the pathway to your garden.

Do you have any great uses for patio lights? Let us know in the comments.

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