LED Christmas Lights for State of the Art Decorating

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LED technology has improved drastically since its invention, making LEDs the best source in decorating. At first, only red and yellow lights were available; now, LEDs come in all colors of the rainbow, with their colors more intense and pure than ever. Over the past five years, LEDs have become increasingly popular because of their reliability and energy-saving abilities. The advanced technology of LEDs allows them to perform in unique ways, like morphing, flashing and color-changing. Their bulbs can be molded into custom shapes. LED Xmas Lights offer features that allow for state-of-the-art decorating for holidays and events.

Morphing LED Lights
LEDs are able to dim, adding an elegant touch to any event. LEDs are made of a semiconductor diode that emits light when current is given. LEDs have the ability to control the amount of power being sent to the diodes, making the dimming effect a readily available feature. Less power is sent for the dim light effect, and more power is sent to make the color shine at the brightest level. Color fading in and out is spectacular for elegant, romantic spaces. Use the dimming effect to make a Valentine’s dinner at home more special. Dimming lights add romance to the slow songs in a wedding.

LEDs can morph, or slowly fade into different colors, adding variety and movement to any Christmas display. Hang strands of morphing lights on a mantle above a fireplace. Even when the fire is not roaring, the morphing lights will captivate eyes. Using this same LED morphing technology, the reflections color changing Moravian star tree topper transitions slowly into new colors, from fuchsia to blue and yellow. Both morphing and dimming effects add variety to a light display, while keeping the space calm and peaceful.LED Disco Ball

With LED technology, color changing lights flash suddenly, adding excitement to any environment. Flashing lights in red, purple, or orange add more of a dramatic effect to Halloween decorations. Add spookiness to decorative ghosts and witches with lights flashing behind them. Make trick-or-treaters feel eerie as they cross by a scary skeleton or monster with red lights flashing on the scene. Make Birthday parties livelier with flashy lights streamed along bar areas, beams and balconies. Transform a room into a dance party with a disco ball and flashy lights. Flashy lights have a thrilling effect for Halloween and lively celebrations.LED Icicle Lights

LED icicle lights and falling icicle bulbs mimic real icicles, with the plastic bulbs molded into proper shape. Icicle lights, otherwise known as “hanging Christmas lights”, dangle at a staggering length from one wire. In contrast, LED falling icicle bulbs are sold individually and have lights flowing down the length of the icicle, simulating the illusion of falling snow. Hang both icicle lights and falling icicle bulbs anywhere where real icicles normally form, such as gutters, trees and the roof. In winter-themed weddings, display these lights along beams in a reception room, outside in the garden, along fences, or in a gazebo.

LED M5 and 5MM use their unique shapes to shine beautifully. LED M5 lights have been molded to look like mini, crystallized icicles whereas LED wide angle 5MM lights have conical-shaped bulbs with flat heads. Both of these LED lights are energy-saving and shine brightly, but have different looks. Both lights can be intertwined into garlands or wreaths. Strand M5 or 5MM lights along with icicle lights in a contrasting color to create a layered look. No matter where these unique bulbs are displayed, the sturdiness of the plastic bulb makes them less susceptible to breaking and easier to store.5mm wide angle led lights

Take advantage of the distinct features offered in LED lights, such as morphing, dimming, color changing, and bulbs shaped in a variety. Incorporating exclusive lighting adds more depth and fun to the decorations. LED Christmas lights can be reused for many events throughout the year, from weddings, to holidays, to romantic dates. Moments of celebration and festivity are sure to be enhanced with the features offered in LED Christmas lights.

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