LED Mini Lights – A Decorator’s Dream Come True

Mini lights should be incorporated in decorating because, with only a little creativity, they make such a noticeable difference in brightness and elegance. They add dazzle to decorations and crafts without much hassle. Decorators have discovered that battery operated LED lights are the easiest to use and last the longest. The ideas in which battery operated LED mini lights can be used are endless. However displayed, they are sure to set a cheerful tone and make any event more endearing.

Mini lights come in a wide variety making them easy to use as a decorating tool. Affordable mini lights come in a wide range of colors so that any wedding, banquet, or sporting event can be easily personalized. Themed lights are ideal to really tie a color scheme together. Red Clear and Blue themed lights will capture everyone’s hearts at a patriotic or military event. Make any event extra classy and elegant with the Renaissance mini lights, stringed with red, gold, chartreuse and purple lights. Mini lights come with 15 – 100 bulbs per strand and multiple strands can be linked together to get the perfect length needed for any creative idea.

Battery operated LED lights are the perfect solution for all kinds of projects where a plug may not be readily available. Make a front desk in an office more appealing by lighting up a small bonsai tree. Drape kids’ bedroom curtains with their favorite color of mini lights to spark imagination and fun while keeping the monsters away at night. Please the crowd at sporting events by lighting a golf cart, the team mascot, megaphones and concession stands with team colors. With battery operated lights, the options are limitless.

Decorators should choose mini lights with LED bulbs because they burn longer; making sure the party does not die early. Once party decorations are set, the last thing a decorator wants to worry about is bulbs blowing. What a catastrophe if this happens right before guests start arriving. LED battery operated lights put decorators at ease knowing that these lights offer the longest life per battery, usually 60 hours or more. Regular mini lights only work about eight hours.

LED lights would be sure to shine throughout the event and could be reused for upcoming occasions. Festivals, expos and conferences that usually last more than one day will definitely need to be lit using LEDs. Christmas Lights, Etc customers have personally used LED mini lights and have been amazed that they can actually operate for an entire season, if used eight hours a day. Plus, mini lights user bigger batteries and come with bigger battery packs than the LEDs. Decorators know that trying to find a way to hide bulky battery packs can be a pain.

Wedding Decorations Idea

Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece

In a wedding, battery operated mini lights can be lined under tables causing an ambient glow shining through the table cloth. Lights can be put under all the tables in a reception room, or maybe just the bride and groom’s table, the cake table, and the buffet table. You can highlight the cake itself, the dance floor, and even floral centerpieces. Using battery operated mini lights for the wedding centerpieces keeps the hassle of wiring everywhere to a minimum along with a variety of styles and colors to add your own unique touch. Many people choose to use white Christmas lights to add sparkle to their aisle, pews, and outdoor areas.

Between battery operated mini lights and standard electric mini lights, there isn’t an area of the wedding that can’t be lit to taste. Both LED and incandescent lighting will add all the ambiance and beauty every bride deserves.

Party Decoration Ideas

Mini Light Wine Bottle

Mini Light Wine Bottle

Any home or any party room can easily be transformed by placing mini lights in glass vases, wine bottles, glass bricks and in wide windowsills without unnecessary taping and clamping. Battery operated mini lights make lighting up non-traditional areas easier. From lighting around pictures on walls, table linens, food tables and decor to plants and trees, battery operated mini lights can light any part of your party. You can also use wide angle LED lights to underline table linens to make the table decor shine or to outline doorways for an added touch of color. Many kids parties are being transformed by using lights around the cake and table for gifts to be placed.


Christmas Decorations Ideas

Battery Operated Christmas Wreath

Battery Operated Christmas Wreath

At Christmas time, mini lights can wrap wreaths, garlands, or line a mantel. Bring attention to the true meaning of Christmas by lining a nativity set with warm white LED mini lights. Using battery operated LED mini lights on wreaths and garland make it easy to decorate in places you wouldn’t want a bunch of wires showing, such as doors and mantles. Making personal keepsakes for Christmas decor is easy with LED mini lights as well. You can make lighted bottles, ornaments, and personally designed motifs.

Embroidery Ideas

Vintage Jewelry Tree

Vintage Jewelry Tree

Embroidery masters love using battery operated LED mini lights for their homemade crafts. They can make bright, festive garden flags, Santa hats, totes and purses, pillows, aprons and kitchen towels. These items can be bought fairly cheaply in craft stores and instantly made into unique, personalized gifts. These items can be sold online for those who are looking to make some extra cash with their creativity. Great pattern ideas include Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with a lit nose, a Fourth of July scene with booming fireworks, and twinkling fireflies. Patterned sweatshirts and t-shirts can be worn for floats and parades or family reunions.

These exquisite crafts are easily made by creating a pocket on the inside to hold the battery pack and holes in the pattern for the bulbs. Smaller knitted crafts might best be displayed with the Rice / Micro lights, the smallest mini lights available. Such special items should be made with LED lights to assure the longest life.

Mini lights are fabulous ideas to make an event more stylish and crafts craftier. Mini lights shine light on the love and effort put into a special event or project. Battery operated LED lights should be used for more convenience and to get a longer enjoyment of the product. Sound off and share your ideas for using mini lights in crafts and decorating here! Sharing creative ideas is the best way to spur other creative ideas. As soon as you complete your perfect party look or hand sewn gift, make sure to take a photo and share extra tips you learned along the way. Happy decorating!

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