How To Light Up The Ultimate Summer Luau

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Did you know that although Luau’s are well known for their lively music and dancing the true meaning for the word Luau is Feast? While “feast” typically refers to an abundance of food, perfect planning and decor can transform any Luau into a feast for the eyes! Bright tropical hues accent everything from food to dancers and can even be used in lighting to create a summer paradise no matter where your party takes place! Lighted Palm Trees and Tiki Torches take your party from plain to festive in just a few easy steps!

What’s missing from your Ultimate Summer Luau?

Summer Lights

Light Up The Ultimate Summer Luau

Summer Luau, Party Decor

Lighted Palm Trees

Light up your Summer Luau

Multi Color Globe Lights







Food For Thought

Often when planning parties the host will overlook one of the easiest ways to make an impact on  the overall feel of their theme; the food! Hawaiian foods are rich and flavorful while the drinks are light and refreshing. Consider incorporating edible accents such as fresh grilled pineapples in your food presentation and adorn drink rims with delicate orchid blooms and vibrantly colored tropical fruits to add an understated elegance to your party.


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