Create Your Own Mason Jar Lights Magic!

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Mason jar lights are one of the hottest new DIY lighting trends and for good reason! Besides being the poster child for rustic glam, mason jar lights add a warm glow to backyard parties and weddings, and transform spaces both indoors and out. It’s easy to see why everyone loves decorating with these magical lights! We’ve rounded up some of the most popular mason jar lights ideas out there including a few of our own, hoping to inspire you to recreate the looks you love!

One popular idea is to hang mason jars and icicle lights together across a fence, deck or porch. The icicle light strands drop down into the jars resulting in a captivating display for backyard parties and outdoor events!

Mason jars and white icicle lights create a chic rustic lighting design. Try this and more popular mason jar lights ideas!

Hang Mason Jars and String Lights For Rustic Chic Outdoor Events!

No fence? No problem! Cluster mason jars and string lights together and hang from hooks on the porch.

Mason jars and warm white fairy lights are all you need to create a mesmerizing lighted centerpiece, walkway lantern or holiday decoration.

Place battery operated fairy lights in mason jars! White lights are an elegant option for weddings and events but colorful lights are fun for parties too!

Elegant Mason Jar Fairy Lights

mason jar lights

Create dinner party ambiance with mason jar lights!

Mason jar wedding lights are a perfect money saving idea for DIY weddings and reception table centerpieces, making them the DIY bride’s top choice!

This idea is simple yet delights everyone: Add mason jar lights to front or back patio steps to light the way for family and guests.

The most popular mason jar lights ideas! Including using mason jars and string lights to create a glowing walkway!

Beautiful Walkway Lights Using Mason Jars and Mini Light Strings

For the craft-lovers, create a mason jar mosaic by gluing glass accents to the outside of your jar, then fill with battery operated string lights or candles. This mason jar light design is pretty in the daytime and produces a gorgeous glow at night!


Autumn brings the fresh scent of cinnamon, crisp apples, and warm pie. Use cool-to-the-touch LED lights in mason jars with moss, pinecones, faux berries and colorful leaves for fall entertaining and tabletop decor!

Mason jar lights make a huge impact even in large scale use! By placing a few mason jar lights on wooden boards and hanging strings of light from above, you can create a high impact backdrop for holiday concerts and evening events!

Mason jars and string lights create an incredible backdrop for concerts and live events!

Mason Jar Lights Backdrop

Mason jars and string lights create a high impact backdrop for large concerts and events.

Mason Jar Lights Used in a Mega Church Concert Backdrop

Ready to create your own magical mason jar lights? Find the mini string lights you need for your project now!

Leave us a comment below, we’d love to know more about your favorite mason jar lights ideas!

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