Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas Page

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Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your entire yard but didn’t know where to start, spruce up every inch of your front lawn with outdoor Christmas decorating ideas. Get ready for the season with outdoor Christmas lighting and prepare your house for family visitors and friends.

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

While there are plenty of decorating ideas for Christmas, the following areas would benefit most from products that make your property a stunning example of Christmas cheer:

  • Near the Road Decorating
    • Outline walkways with light stakes holding C7 or C9 bulbs. These illuminate sidewalks and gardens.
    • Hang mini lights or icicle lights on fences as an attractive border to the property.
    • Swag garland on fencelines and decorate with large red bows.
    • Add walkway trees along sidewalks that lead towards the door.
  • In the Yard Decorating
    • Hang Grand Cascade lights in trees combined with other lights such as C7s or C9s.
    • Decorate and outdoor Christmas tree with starlight spheres and large bulbs to best be seen from the road.
    • Hang motifs in especially tall trees.
    • Place animated motifs in the yard to fill with animated excitement.
  • Near the House Decorating
    • Wrap trees and bushes near the home with mini lights or net lights.
    • Add mini Christmas trees for walkways leading to the front door.
    • Add topiary animals near the bushes to create a forest of wildlife
Wrapping Trees with Christmas Lights

Wrapping Trees with Christmas Lights

If you’re truly looking for a comprehensive how to on outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, make sure you read outdoor Christmas decorating ideas. Enjoy the pictures and really find out what inspires you as a decorator!

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