Chili Pepper Lights are the Perfect Decorations for Your Cinco de Mayo Parties

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As Cinco de Mayo approaches, we here at Christmas Lights, Etc turn to our collection of chili pepper lights for decorating inspiration. The possibilities for using these lights are endless and influence those around you to get into the partying spirit!

Chili Pepper Lights

Chili Pepper Lights

You can plug in a few sets of our green chili pepper lights and strategically place them among the traysof food you are serving to brighten up your dishes or drape them around a table to highlight the buffet if you are throwing a party for Cinco de Mayo.

Another option for setting the mood is to hang some multi-colored chili pepper clusters on your patio or deck, turn off your outdoor lights and let the chili peppers light the night for you. You could even hang the lights in your planters or flower boxes for a nice touch. Adding light to every aspect of the party is crucial.

Plan on serving themed-drinks? Why not use chili pepper lights to label the different types of drinks. If you are service more spicy beverages, wrap the drinks in chili pepper lights so people know what to expect. If you have kid friendly punch or juice, they’ll love to get their drinks when a cluster of chili pepper lights hang above their special drink selections.

Finally, let people know where your party is. Hang some pepper lights on your porch, mailbox, or front landscaping so people can easily find your house to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
You can easily find more ways to decorate with themed-lights for Cinco de Mayo, these ideas will just get you started. If you come up with more ingenious ways to decorate, please feel free to share your decorating tips with us on Facebook.

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