Patio Lighting Ideas: Color Me Creative!

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Is your patio ready?

Right now your outdoor abode may not look like the enticing dream world pictured above, and if it does, we would like an invite to your next party please! But for those of us who dare to dream of backyard bliss, there is hope! Just a few patio light strings mixed with a dash of your own personal flair and you can turn your blah-backyard into an outdoor escape so inviting you may never want to leave! Summer is on its way, time to plan your backyard design and bring those patio lighting ideas to life. The most important aspect to remember when decorating an outdoor space with patio lights is that color matters! Choosing the best bulb color is crucial in creating perfect party lighting and backyard retreats.

Clear Patio and Party Lights


Clear patio lights create subtle character, providing a blank canvas to complement any decor or backyard design idea! Hang clear patio lights above dining areas, across outdoor pools and weave them around a pergola to create lighting that is both casual and elegant! Clear globe lights shine brightly and display beautifully in almost any space, but here are a few party lights and patio decorating ideas to get you started.

Clear Patio Lights Hanging Overhead and Fairy Lights Illuminate Flower Pots

Backyard Patio Illuminated with Clear Patio Lights and Fairy Lights in Flower Pots


clear patio lights

Clear A15 Patio Lights

 A Fact about the Finish: Transparent bulbs allow light to shine through a visible filament adding depth to the design. This finish is perfect for any occasion but works especially well when used as party lights and in cozy outdoor lighting designs! Love these lights? Shop clear patio lights now!

White Patio and Party Lights


Opaque White Globe Lights 
Smooth opaque white globe lights allow design themes to shine while providing vibrant illumination! Let these bulbs take center stage in your outdoor party lighting and backyard design or mix with other colors to create unique lighting themes for showing patriotic pride, Halloween haunts and birthday parties!

White Satin Finish Lights
White satin finish globe lights are gorgeous wedding lights, their pearlescent sheen emits a soft, diffused glow, creating flawless lighting at special events. The sophisticated illumination produced by white satin finish string lights works best where soft, ambient light is needed. Below are a few of our favorite events and patio design ideas using  elegant satin finish lights.


Patio lights ideas for outdoor parties and relaxation! Choose your favorite string lights colors and create your own outdoor escape!

Pearl White Globe Lights Garden Party

Hey Brides! Looking for more Wedding Inspiration? Visit our DIY Wedding Lights and Decor page! 

Multicolor Patio and Party Lights

The possibilities are endless and the fun never stops with multicolor patio lights! Colored bulbs are the perfect party lights for enhancing outdoor landscapes and indoor designs with brilliant, rainbows of light! You can chose multicolor light string kits for quick and easy shopping or custom create your own brilliant design with our DIY Outdoor String lights. Mix red, white and blue bulbs for the Fourth of July, Multicolor transparent string lights for ambient lighting any time and pair pink and white opaque bulbs to create a magical princess party fit for a fairy tale! We’ve gathered a few more fun DIY colored patio lighting ideas to get your creativity flowing!


Colorful globe patio lights illuminate a backyard dinner party. Plus more great outdoor lighting ideas!

Colorful Globe Patio Lights

multicolor globe lights above a pool

Multicolor Globe Lights overlooking the pool!

red, white and blue patio lights

Mix and Match Globe lights colors for themed holiday lighting!

Down to the wire…

While any wire color can work well in almost every setting, you can further enhance your backyard design or event venue with wire coloring that is ideal for your space. If you’re unsure which color to choose, check out a few best uses for each:

Black Light Strings- Blend flawlessly with dark surfaces such as wrought iron fences and darker wood. Works well in modern industrial spaces and provides a stylish contrast against areas with lighter wood accents.

Green Light Strings- Provide a natural complement to outdoor settings, perfect along areas with lush naturally greenery and set among trees or across grassy fields.

White Light Strings - The perfect wire color for use as wedding lights, illuminating garden parties and designs featuring delicate color palettes. Blends well against sheer fabrics and lighter surfaces.

Do you just want mini string lights? We have those in every wire and bulb color as well!

But wait…there’s more!


Brilliant Backyard Lighting Ideas


patio string lights

Wrap trees and columns in string lights to create added backyard illumination!

multicolor patio lights

Multicolor patio lights add fun atmosphere to parties!

There’s a reason you choose the lights you do! Are you energetic, laid back or a little of both? Find out what the light colors you choose say about you!

patio lightingNot sure how to string those lights? We can help with our guide on how to hang patio lights like a pro!

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