Transform Your Backyard With Outdoor and Patio Lighting

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Outdoor and Patio Lights

Outdoor and Patio Lights

Warmer weather means more time spent outdoors, and this year, you’re determined to actually use the backyard you have. Whether your humble abode has a large deck in the countryside or your loft balcony can only fit a small table and a few chairs, string lights can instantly spruce up any exposed space.

With lighting as our specialty, Christmas Lights, Etc has compiled a list of different ways to transform your backyard with the beauty of lights. Get ready to wow anyone, from an entire house party to a few friends to just your significant other.

1. Pretty Pergolas
Pergolas were made for patio lighting. These charming and functional structures add to any outdoor living space as it can protect dining sets against the sun during the day while still being stylish. To make pergolas shine at night, streamline the patio lights along the top or wrap the lights around the rungs and support columns. Use the A15 Clear Outdoor Patio Lights for a clean look, the G30 bulbs for a pearly white glow or the G50 Multicolor Party Lights for more pizzazz. Have a chandelier? Make the lights meet in the center to create a grand effect. Another fun way to add extra sparkle to your outdoor space is to dangle icicle lights, such as the 5mm Cool White Curtain LED Icicle Lights, from the ceiling.

Spruce up your patio by criss-crossing string lights with a chandelier.

String lights along the rungs of a pergula and icicle lights dangling on the sides add a magical touch to any backyard.

String lights along the rungs of a pergola and icicle lights dangling on the sides add a magical touch to any backyard

2. Make a Statement with a Lighted Centerpiece
Let lighting be the center of attention with these chandelier-like ideas. Wrap lights, such as the 100 Clear Twinkle Christmas Tree Mini Lights, around a metal hula hoop and place it above the patio table. For more of a rustic look, grab an old, wooden ladder instead and hang it horizontally. Even a linear wooden rectangle would work; randomly loop the mini lights in every which way. This look is perfect for wowing guests at dinner parties.

Use a ladder or pieces wood to create a lighted centerpiece.

Use a ladder or pieces wood to tie lights around.

Wrap lights around a hoola hoop.

Wrap lights around a hula hoop.

3. Let It All Hang out
Don’t have a pergola or outdoor patio ceiling to hang lights from? Use the exterior walls of your home! Grab some of the G40 Clear Globe Lights and start the lights from a roof’s edge or a high point in the building’s wall. Connect the lights to another point of your home or attach them to a wooden pole. It’s simple and effortless while looking put together.

Attach string lights to exteriors and left them hang freely over an open space.

Attach string lights to exteriors and left them hang freely over an open space.

Connect lights to walls of apartment buildings to cozy up small spaces.

Connect lights to walls of apartment buildings to cozy up small spaces.

3. Tied-up Trees
Another way to show off those pretty lights is to incorporate them with trees. Loop some of clear mini lights, which come in 4-inch and 6-inch spacing on green and brown wiring, around the trunk and branches of a tree to add extra life to it. For lights that are cool to the touch, try the 35 5mm Warm White LED Christmas Lights. This lighting option is perfect for low-key ambiance.

Wrap lights around a tree.

Wrap lights around a tree.

4. Cool Clusters
For the rushed types who don’t have a Saturday afternoon for a DIY project, there’s nothing wrong with stuffing a pile of lights into a basket or container. Grab some mini lights and place them in a hanging plant for a quick and easy light source, or for a rustic look, stuff the smaller 60 Cool White Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights into wine bottles or mason jars. These patio lights are perfect for having just a few friends over for a late night drink.

For easy light, clump string lights together in a hanging basket.

Stuff battery-operated LED lights into mason jars and place them on tables.

5. Party Under the Umbrella
The area around a patio with an umbrella can shield away outside light, so brighten up the space by adding string lights to the interior of the umbrella. We suggest the 35 5mm Warm White LED LED Christmas Lights so the umbrella stay cool and doesn’t get too hot, but the G40 Clear Globe Lights send a kick-off-your-shoes and relax vibe, too.

Umbrella string lights!

Umbrella string lights!

For more lighting options, head to Christmas Lights, Etc’s Outdoor and Patio Lighting Ideas Resource Page.

How are you setting up the lighting in your backyard yet for the summer? Tell us in the comments!

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