Spring Fever Frenzy: Outdoor Patio Lights

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New Outdoor Patio Lights Make Entertaining Easy

Spring and summer weather is kicking in, along with a frenzied rush to take advantage of the beautiful days and early evening crispness. Christmas Lights, Etc has a touch of Spring fever as well, and our newest patio lights prove it! New outdoor patio string lights have been created to make the shopping process even easier – we have paired the most popular globe lights and stringers to create a single product for purchase. Your primary decision in outdoor lights is color and length – making shopping at Christmas Lights, Etc easy. So pick a clear or colored light, decide how many feet you need, and get ready to add festive ambience for summer party ideas and outdoor dining rooms.

globe string lights

Hang Clear Globe String Lights from Pergolas

Outdoor patio lights can hang from pergolas, decks, and around trees. We love them as wedding lights, party lights, and for entertaining friends and family. Enjoy the soft glow of lights illuminating the evening air on summer nights. From firepits and grills to patio lights, light up your outdoors for parties and entertainment.

The specs in patio lights are pretty simple to understand: Spacing – this is simply how much space you prefer between bulbs. Do you want to have a bulb every 12″ or every 18″? Size – a G50 bulb is 50mm in diameter, a G30 is 30mm – get it? Lastly, E12, E17 and E26 socket and base sizes – this can seem tricky, but it simply is the size of the base and socket and they need to match to fit together. This also allows you to purchase additional bulbs to screw into existing light stringers that are used during Halloween and Christmas.

A few extra tips in regards to outdoor lights:

  • Patio lights are also known as umbrella lights and bistro lights. These are the same lights that can be wrapped wround outdoor dining table umbrellas, or strung in the sky above bistros and cafes.
  • Complement globe lights by wrapping mini lights around nearby trees or columns as an accent – especially for outdoor weddings.
  • Our DIY Patio Lights section allows you to pick and choose light strings and bulbs from a huge selection of 100+ bulbs and 40+ stringers. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, we can help you!

outdoor party lights

Show your Fun Side with Outdoor Party Lights

patio light strings

Make a Splash with Patio Lights by the Pool!

Shop at Christmas Lights, Etc for outdoor patio lights and enjoy your summer nights in leisure this year!

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