Top 10 Indoor Christmas Lights Ideas

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Holiday decor inspiration can be found in the most unique of places if you only look! We searched high and low and found some amazing indoor Christmas lights ideas for you to try this year. Add fun holiday lighting to your home with our top ten indoor Christmas lights ideas!

1. Wine Bottle Lights
Step 1. Drink Wine
Step 2. Clean & Dry Bottle
Step 3. Fill with mini Christmas light strings!
Voila, illuminated decor that tastes as good as it looks!

2. Light Curtain Windows & Ambient room lighting
This is a stunning idea for Christmas as well as an elegant lighting idea for weddings any time of year! You can also hang LED light curtains behind sheer fabric to create cozy room ambiance!

3. Wrap letters with Christmas lights to create festive words!
This DIY Indoor Christmas lights idea is so easy and creates a beautiful holiday display. Just wrap letters or words in Christmas lights for a unique twist on traditional decor!

sale-ten-percent-coupon-christmas4. DIY Christmas Card Holders – Attach Christmas cards to an LED light string of your choice  or create a tomato cage card holder for a fun new way to display those cherished sentiments!

DIY Christmas Lights

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Card Holder


5. Mini lights canvas décor
Create a warm winter glow indoors with mini-lights and a blank canvas. To assemble, punch clusters of holes through a blank canvas, poke LED mini Christmas lights through, tape into place on the back and hang!

6. Twinkle Lights Wood Décor
Print out a stencil and lay over top of the wood panel, then drill holes to spell out the word and insert Christmas mini light bulbs accordingly.
Step by Step Instructions Can be Found Here!

DIY Indoor Christmas lights ideas

DIY Christmas Lights Wood Decor

7. Create cozy spaces!
Hang LED snowflake lights from the ceiling and across mirrors to create your own winter wonderland indoors! You can use all kinds of Christmas lights to create your own unique cozy atmospheres!

8. DIY Fairy lights shadow box
Let your creativity run wild with this fun DIY Indoor Christmas lights idea! Fill a shadowbox with faux snow, bottle brush trees, miniature village pieces or any other fun Christmas decor you might find! Then illuminate the whole scene with battery operated fairy lights, the battery hides flawlessly under the snow!

9. Illuminated Centerpieces
With holiday centerpieces, anything goes! Choose the style that best suites your tastes and add illumination with lighted branches, mini Christmas light strings and more!

christmas centerpiece using fairy lights and ornaments

Fairy Lights Christmas Centerpiece

10. Rustic Pine Cone decor
Create fun rustic decorations using wooden crates or metal pales, pine cones, wooden logs, twigs and woodland figurines! Then illuminate your decor with pine cone themed Christmas light strings!

Bonus Indoor Christmas Lights Idea! For family photo ops full of Christmas Cheer, add fun illumination with Christmas lights!
p.s. Just be sure to use LED mini Christmas light strings so the lights stay cool to the touch!

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