Top 12 Christmas Decoration Light Shows of 2011

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The Christmas Light Tradition

Christmas lights weren’t always everywhere, and they certainly weren’t as ornate as they are today. When Edison first invented the light bulb, he didn’t think that Christmas lights would become the standard, though, believe it or not, he was the first to encourage the use of Christmas lights during December, the darkest month of the year. Initially, Edison decorated for Christmas with light bulbs, but because they were so expensive, he encouraged others to rent them as opposed to buying them. Funny how times have changed. Now you can’t go a block without seeing a house decorated with Christmas lights, and Christmas light shows have become some of the most ornate traditions in America.

As homage to the twelve days of Christmas, check out our list of top twelve Christmas light shows for 2011.

The Best Christmas Pop Song House

This house takes a traditional Christmas song and brings it to life with dancing Christmas lights. Between the shooting stars on the front of their house and the tree in the yard that appears to be waving back and forth, the movement in this piece is astounding.

The Best Video Game Inspired House

That is an angry, angry house based on the popular game Angry Birds. It has one of the catchiest tunes, and this bright house totally captures the essence of the game.

The Best Christmas Carol House

The pinwheel in the yard and the candles with shooting star tops really bring life to the house and make the whole show unique.

The Best Heavy Metal House

You’re not hearing that wrong; that is indeed a Christmas light show playing Slayer. Any metal fan would love to live across from this house (I know I would).

The Best Techno House

Sandstorm by Darude is a great dance song, though I’ve never before thought to combine it with Christmas lights. The spinning candy canes not only scream Christmas spirit but also pull in the techno feel. I would totally have a dance party at this house.

The Best Movie Inspired House

The Polar Express, a movie that captured real movements of people to bring a popular children’s book to life, is actually playing in the window of this house while the light show goes on. The entire house dances as the figures in the movie dance to “Hot Chocolate,” a song from the movie.

The Best Sports Inspired House

If you’re an MSU fan, this house will bring a tear to your eye. Decorated in MSU colors, green and white, the lights play along to the pregame fight song for the university team.

The Most American House

Decorated in red, white, and blue, this house is dedicated to all American troops and veterans. The song, a mix of American pride songs, plays while the house dances and the American flag stays steady overhead.

The Best Hymn Inspired House

The falling snowflakes have a grace to them that is reminiscent of the song while the white, green, and red colors call attention to the season. The song itself is a new take on an old classic, and the lights fit it well.

The Best Christmas Epic House

Anyone who has ever watched one of the Christmas light show videos knows this song. “Wizards in Winter” by the Trans Siberian Orchestra has come to represent all those who enjoy Christmas to the extreme, and this house with each light blinking as part of the song, certainly is extreme.

The Best Bluegrass House

These Christmas lights are dueling, and not in the traditional sense: they’re dueling with banjos. The light show itself uses complementary colors (red and green) to distinguish between the two banjo players as if the lights really are interacting with each other.

Best in Show

This house is huge, and the lights are overwhelming. The spinning trees, the dancing snowflakes, and the glittering house makes this video Best in Show. Let’s just say that I’ll be sharing this with my friends on Facebook.

More Christmas Light Shows

There are a ton more Christmas light shows on Youtube from years previous. Each year, the light shows seem to grow bigger and more impressive. If you have a light show you’d like to share, connect with us on Facebook.

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