Using Christmas Mini Lights in Crafts

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Christmas mini lights are used all year in crafts and decorating projects and can be purchased in strands as short as 7′ and as long as 75′. Battery operated lights offer extra freedom for use on centerpieces, floral arrangements, and more. For extended battery use, choose longer lasting LED battery operated lights.

For a quick and simple craft, use mini lights inside of empty wine bottles for decorating the kitchen and parties. Using a small diamond-coated drill bit and water or oil as lubrication, lightly press the drill to the wine bottle and create a small hole. Then, thread the battery operated lights through the hole and place in the bottle.

Don’t just stop there. Create unique accent pieces that can be given as gifts or used in the home by adding decorations such as grapes, fabrics, twine, and other rustic materials. Glass paint on the bottle also adds a unique touch to the craft.

Have you ever done a craft like this? Send us a picture and let us know in the comments.

Fill wine bottles with mini lights for crafts and DIY ideas

Mini Lights in a Wine Bottle – Excellent DIY Idea!


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