Valentine’s Day Decorations Checklist

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that emphasizes expression and effort, so don’t fall short and let Cupid down this year! Taking a few fail-safe measures helps give you the upper hand in both expression and effort, so take note! You only need 3 things for a perfect Valentine: red or pink lights, flowers, and know your colors!

Add a few unique ideas to really tip the scales in your favor:

  • Two cards instead of one: a cute card and a romantic “love” note or card.
  • Chocolates from a chocolatiere. Does your Valentine like oranges or strawberries? Get chocolate covered fruit instead, and show you pay attention.
  • Is your love a budding chef? Find a cute apron or Valentine’s Day themed hot-mitt, and fill pockets with a package of brownie mix and a handwritten recipe. This will turn in your favor two-fold when you get the oven baked sweet treat later.

Here’s a little 101 help with our Valentine’s Day Decorations Checklist:

Valentines Day decoration ideas

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