Valentines Party Ideas for Adults

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Valentine's Day Parties

Valentine’s Day Parties

Valentines Day is not just for school children, and Valentines party ideas for adults can help you create a memorable evening with a cohesive theme. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, Valentines Day can be a time of fun with a party that includes the celebration of the love between friends. To really pull off a party that’s intended for adults, include Valentines Day decorations and make fun Valentines Day recipes.

Valentines Day Decorations

If you’re aiming for a traditional party, use pink, red, and white as the color scheme. Decorations can be used as sparingly with small ideas ranging from flameless candles to red heart-shaped confetti on tabletops. A unique idea that isn’t used often is to fill a room with pink and red balloons, letting them float to the ceiling so as to obscure it from view.

Valentines Day Lights

Valentines Day Lights

The best way to create ambiance in a room, however, is with red Valentines Day lights. With a warm glow, Valentines lights symbolize the link that hearts have between each other. Many Valentines lights come in colors that are perfectly suited for the holiday with white wires or a mix of red and clear lights.

Use these lights to set a romantic yet classic mood for the party. Drape them over chairs or hang them above windows. Wrap them around columns outdoors or stair bannisters indoors. Hang them from the edge of tables or coil them in the middle for a unique centerpiece, perhaps coupled with a candle. Whatever your choice, Valentines Day lights pull together the theme.

Valentines Day Recipes

Valentines Day Cake

Valentines Day Cake

Valentines Day is a sweet holiday and isn’t complete without sugar. One of the most traditional symbols of Valentines Day, the heart, is perfect when coupled with sweets. Find cookies or cupcakes that are heart shaped at your local bakery or bake a cake in a heart shaped pan. Make red velvet cake with white cream cheese icing to bring over the color palette for your themed party.

Drinks can be served with a Valentines Day theme, too. Follow this recipe for quick and easy pink Valentines punch:

  • Chill 4 liters of cranberry ginger ale and 1 gallon of raspberry sherbet
  • Pour 2 liters into a bowl, then mix in the gallon of raspberry sherbet
  • Pour the remaining 2 liters over the sherbet and mix

If you want this recipe to be more adult themed, you can add a splash of cranberry vodka to the mix according to taste.

Valentines Day Costumes

Short skirts and sexy costumes are great for a single’s mixer or a night with the significant other and also works as a Valentines party idea for adults. Costumes can be used to really spice up the party or even the after-party.

If you’re feeling daring, you can even try party games that are reminiscent of childhood fun like spin the bottle. If you want your party to last a little longer with your significant other, keep the romance going with bedroom games. After all, you only need two people to make a party.

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