Make These Amazing Candle Lanterns Your Next DIY

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As soon as we saw these homemade candle lanterns hung at an outdoor party, we knew these were our next DIY, and we will show you why they are yours! Using just a few items and a bit of creative ingenuity, these DIY lanterns can brighten your landscapes and provide a welcoming atmosphere during parties and events. This DIY idea is completed in just a few steps and will produce dozens of candle lanterns for backyard entertaining! The end result is a low cost, creative lighting option that you can hang from hooks and branches in the backyard, across light strings or above a pergola or covered patio to add a gorgeous glow across your entire outdoor space.

Hang candle lanterns to add glowing light to your outdoor spaces!

Candle Lanterns and Patio Lights Brighten up Backyard Parties!

DIY Candle Lantern Supplies:

  • Flexible craft wire
  • Beverage Glasses
  • Votive candles ( wax or battery operated)
  • Pliers

Steps to Create a Candle Lantern:

    The idea is to simply create a wire frame to support the glasses and hang from branches using wire hooks. We used 12.5oz beverage glasses (5.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide) from a thrift store and 3.5ft piece of wire, but your wire length may vary based on the size of your glass.

  1. Begin by wrapping the wire around the base of your glass to form a circle. When the two sides meet, bend one end of the wire to form a tight loop around the other end. This will secure the circle around your glass and create the bottom of your holder.
  2. About halfway up the glass, create another circle and bend the wire around itself again, forming a loop and continuing upward with the wire.
  3. From here you will create your hanging loop by bringing your wire over the top of glass making sure to leave a little extra room at the top and continuing down to the middle wire on the other side. Wrap the wire around this middle loop. It may be best to use pliers to ensure the loop is snug.
  4. End by looping the last bit of wire around your bottom circle. This should complete your holder. If necessary you may need to cut any excess wire after forming this final loop or you can just mold it around the bottom of the glass.
Create a DIY Candle Lantern!

Candle Lantern DIY Steps

For ease of hanging your candle jar from anywhere, take a small piece of wire and create an s hook like the one shown below. If you have time, accent the ends of your S hook with a few colorful beads to add a pop of color to your design.

Create DIY Candle Lanterns to Hang from Tree Branches!

DIY Candle Lanterns Hanging on S Hooks

TIP: tea light candles won’t last as long as your party, so choose taller votive candles to increase burn time, or choose slow-burn or battery candles.


We hung our S hooks from sturdy tree branches and patio light strings, but candle lanterns look just as beautiful hanging along a fence and across an outdoor pergola or covered patio. You could also hang candle lanterns from shepherd’s hooks to illuminate an outdoor path for guests during parties and events! If these pictures below don’t have you grabbing glasses out of the cabinets and craft wire out of drawers ( we know you have some stashed away waiting for just such a DIY occasion!), then you must not be the do-it-yourself guru we thought you were!

We have love for non DIY’ers too! If the 1,2,3 isn’t your thing, hang a few decorative candle lanterns like the white one shown below to add ambient lighting across your backyard.

Hang DIY Candle Lanterns From Tree Branches

Candle Lanterns Hanging from Tree Branches

Backyard Bliss: Softly glowing candle lanterns!

The Soft Glow of Candles Provides Backyard Bliss!

DIY Candle Lanterns

Hang Lanterns Across a Wooden Fence to Add Rustic Charm!


Create diy candle lanterns from flexible wire and thrift store glasses, then hang from patio string lights for perfect party lighting!

Candle Lanterns Hang Perfectly from Patio String Lights!

DIY Candle Lanterns Add Ambient Lighting to Dark Areas of the Yard

Add Ambient Lighting to Dark Areas of the Yard

Shop patio lights now to bring ambiance to your backyard immediately!
Let us know how this DIY idea works for you!

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