DIY Christmas Ideas Can be a Real Gift! Literally!

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Like a new recipe you can’t wait to try, some DIY Christmas ideas are so amazing we just can’t wait until Christmas to share them! We fell in love with these DIY lighted gift boxes and we think you’re going to love them just as much! After all, with so much sparkle it’s hard not to! Spring is a wonderful time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and work on a few craft projects outdoors and this is a perfect create now, display later DIY Christmas idea!
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DIY Christmas Lights

Create various size lighted Christmas gifts for a more dynamic display!

If you’re looking to add a few high impact outdoor Christmas decorations to your collection, lighted gift boxes are simple to create and add glittering illumination to outdoor landscapes in a unique way! All you need for our DIY Christmas ideas gift project are a few easy to find, fairly inexpensive materials like PVC pipe, tinsel garland and Christmas lights. Our favorite part about these glowing outdoor Christmas gift boxes is that the tinsel garland covers the PVC pipe, resulting in a stunning display that looks as great during the day as it does at night! It’s almost like having two decorations in one! Use our step by step directions below to make your own shimmering presents and remember to send us your photos, we’d love to see what you create!

Materials Needed per Gift Box:

  • 1/2-Inch Sch. 40 PVC pipe (various lengths based on package size), qty 13
  • 1/2-Inch Sch. 40 PVC 90° Elbow w/side outlet, qty 8
  • 1/2-Inch Sch. 40 PVC Tee to connect a crossbar on top for the bows to tie onto, qty 2
  • 70ct M5 various colors LED Christmas Lights, 4″ Spacing
  • Various length tinsel garland
  • Wire clothes hangers to create bows, qty 2
DIY outdoor Christmas lights

PVC 1/2 Inch Tee

DIY Christmas Lights

PVC 1/2 Inch Elbow with Side Outlet








First, Create your Box!

Buy or Cut PVC tubes to the desire lengths for your box, then insert the PVC pieces into the elbows until the box shape is formed. For the “top” where the bow will be, you will add a PVC cross-bar which attaches to the box with the PVC tees. The pipe and connections can be cemented in place for stability if you like, however PVC is extremely durable and fits snug, so this is not necessary for the present to stay together.

DIY Christmas Lights

PVC Present Diagram Example


Next, Add the Christmas Lights!

Begin tracing the edges of the box with M5 mini LED lights or your preferred Christmas light choice. You will want to secure the wires to the piping with either twist ties or zip ties, just be careful not to pinch the wires! Add a little sparkle to your present and enhance your curb appeal by wrapping the pvc in colored tinsel garland while being careful to keep the lights visible. You may also want to use more lights or double up on your light strings for brighter illumination.

DIY Christmas Lights

PVC Wrapped in Tinsel Garland and LED lights


For The Finishing Touch: Top it off with a Bow!

To make the bows, smooth out the bends of each wire coat hanger to make oval shapes. Then, wrap the hook end of the hangers around the PVC crossbar and wire tie them into place. To complete the look, wrap lights and tinsel garlands around the coat hangers and connect the plug end to the main light strings around the package.

DIY Christmas Lights

Coat Hangers Shaped into Bows!

You can also use pieces of wood cut to various lengths to construct your Christmas packages! For wooden packages consider painting the wood a festive color or wrapping the box in a outdoor rated sheer fabric and LED light strings to create a polished design!

The end result is an exceptionally durable and fun outdoor Christmas decoration that will remain looking vibrant and flawless throughout the holiday season! If you want the cheerful display of these popular outdoor decorations but aren’t ready to try it on your own, shop unique outdoor Christmas decorations and lighted gift boxes!

DIY Christmas Lights

Lighted Christmas Packages on top of Home

A special thank you to our customer, Craig, who sent us this and more amazing DIY Christmas ideas to try! Have you tried a fun DIY idea of your own using Christmas lights? If so, it could be worth $100 in our DIY Christmas Ideas contest!

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