DIY Christmas Ideas: Make a Tree of Lights Using a Basketball Pole!

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Like Santa’s elves, we are always hard at work to bring you fun new ways to use Christmas lights and this is a DIY Christmas idea that we just had to share! After some creative experimenting we have come up with a way to take your everyday basketball pole and make a DIY Christmas decoration fit for a professional holiday display. If you love discovering new outdoor Christmas lights ideas, this is the perfect project for you! We’ll show you how to make a Christmas tree out of lights using a basketball pole in just a few steps.

Now, we know at first glance this may sound a little crazy. You might look out your window at that basketball hoop thinking, “Seriously, I can make a tree out of lights with that?” But it’s true! Don’t let your basketball pole go unused this winter, dress it up with lights! With a little preparation, this outdoor Christmas lights idea is really easy, a lot of fun to make and creates a stunning outdoor Christmas display! Just follow the steps below to take your basketball pole from sad to the center of attention in this year’s outdoor Christmas lights show.

How to Make a Christmas Tree out of Lights Using a Basketball Pole

First, grab a friend or the family to help with this project! DIY Christmas ideas like this one are so fun to do together and a great way to create lasting Christmas memories!

Gather your supplies

DIY  Christmas Lights Ideas

DIY Christmas Tree Supplies

We used the following:

Test your bulbs and stringers before you begin assembling your tree to ensure they are all in good working order. This step will save you time and prevent having to start all over if something isn’t working.

Begin by counting sections of lights based on the length of your stringer. Here we used a 50 foot string and 100 bulbs. We placed a gutter hook after the 25th and 75th bulb on each string to mark the place where the strings would be attached to the pole.

DIY Christmas Ideas

Gutter Hook after 25th and 75th light

Once you have sectioned all of your light strings begin attaching the clips to the top of the pole. Make sure each male plug stays to the left and each female plug is on the right.
When all hooks are attached to the pole it should look like the photo below:

DIY Christmas Tree

10 hooks around top of Pole, 2 per String

Secure your topper to the pole. We used a 3′ Nativity outdoor tree topper, which includes an attachment pipe. We used a small towel to add padding inside the pole to ensure a snug fit.

DIY Christmas Tree

You Can’t Make a Tree without a Topper!

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You will need 4 stakes per string. 1 stake for each end plug and 2 stakes for the middle loop on each string (see diagram below).

DIY Christmas Tree How To

Diagram and Photo of 1 Single Light String (1/5 of tree)

It is best to stake one string at a time to achieve the desired shape. Once you have spaced all of your bulbs on stakes in the ground, plug each section together. Connect the closest male plug to your extension cord.

LED Christmas Light Strings

Two LED light strings plugged together to create a connection.

See, that wasn’t so hard and now you have a high impact, stunning LED Christmas lights tree in your yard! Sit back and enjoy this show-stopping beauty.

DIY Christmas Ideas

LED Christmas Lights Tree

DIY Christmas Decorations

Finished DIY Christmas Lights Tree in Front of Home

LED Christmas Lights

DIY Christmas Decorations – LED Christmas Lights Tree

Then climb inside for a mesmerizing night time view!

led Christmas lights

Inside view of LED Christmas Lights Tree – It’s like a canopy of Stars!

DIY Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Ideas – Finished LED Christmas Lights Tree!

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Make a Tree and Fun Christmas memories with Friends and Family!


* we used 3 solid and 1 twinkle set of 25 energy efficient LED bulbs for a total of 100 bulbs per string; you can customize bulb colors and lighting effects to create your own unique outdoor Christmas tree. You can use any size LED Christmas light bulb or string.
* you can choose light strings with different spacing options to customize your look; we used 6″ bulb spacing for a tighter tree.
* be sure to use outdoor approved products for safety and to ensure the longevity of your outdoor displays!

With a little ingenuity, you can probably figure out how to make a Christmas tree out of lights using another DIY method. Please share if you do or have!


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