DIY Christmas Lights: Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree!

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Tomato cages are more than just a tool for spring and summer gardening. With a few Christmas light strings and a little creativity you can turn these seemingly uninspired lawn accessories into a brilliant tomato cage Christmas tree, Christmas card holder, or even a spooky Halloween ghost! Here are our four favorite DIY ideas to turn your summertime tomato cage in to a festive, fun, and super easy holiday decoration without breaking the budget!

1. Simply elegant Christmas garland topiary tree!

DIY Christmas Lights

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree with Pre lit Garland

For this DIY tomato cage Christmas tree you will need the following:

Once you have your three prongs securely wrapped together with tape, loop one end of the garland hook around the base of the cage and begin winding the garland upward. Finish by securing the garland to the top of the cage with the other end hook. You can use tree clips as needed to secure the garland to the cage for added support. Finally add the topper of your choice and you have an easy topiary in no time!

2. Tomato Cage Christmas card holder!

DIY Christmas Lights

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Card Holder

This DIY Christmas tree design is open to your creativity! With binder clips or even colorful clothespins, a strand of mini lights for cheerful illumination and added style, plus a topper and base of your choice, you can create a Christmas card holder out of tomato cage! Decorate the tomato cage as you wish, then clip your cherished Christmas card sentiments on as they arrive and enjoy! We made ours look like Santa, but a simple wrapping paper topper and base works just as well!

Tip: Re-use for Valentine’s Day by clipping paper hearts to the tree instead of Christmas cards!

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3. Dressed in layers…of lights!

DIY Christmas lights

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees with LED Lights

For these colorful DIY outdoor Christmas trees you will need the following:

This tree is so easy and fun! Start at the base and wrap the tomato cage in lights as many times as you like! You can keep it simple and elegant or go crazy with all kinds of Christmas lights colors and styles! Once the tree is completely wrapped, turn it on and enjoy!

4. Tomato Cage Ghosts!

DIY Christmas Lights

Tomato Cage Halloween Ghosts

Tomato Cage Trees are an awesome way to decorate for the holidays year round! Don’t start at Christmas! When October rolls around, throw a white sheet over your tomato cage wrapped in Christmas lights and add two felt eyes to create a spooky Halloween ghost!

Don’t forget to send us pictures of your tomato cage Christmas tree and holiday creations, we would love to see them!

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