DIY Lighted Christmas Presents

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Phew, we’ve been busy little elves over here at the workshop! We know how much our Christmas Lights Etc. community loves DIY Christmas decorations so we’ve come up with a present, actually 4 presents, for you! By using basic materials found at any local hardware store, or some you might even have laying around the yard, plus string lights and festive fabric, we’ll show you how to make your own lighted Christmas presents! Our gift boxes range anywhere from a small 1’ x 1’ to a giant 4’ x 4’ package, making this a versatile project perfect for use in indoor displays or as outdoor yard decorations. We’ll start by introducing you to the types of frame materials we used, then when you decide which lighted gift box diy you’d like to try, just click on the link below your choice to get started with our step by step guide.

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Find the lighted gift box frame material you’d like to use and scroll to that number below!

  1. Chicken Wire Frame – Versatile to use and easy to work with.
  2. Wood Frame – Incredibly sturdy, perfect for windy regions
  3. PVC Frame – Home of our giant 4’ x 4’ lighted gift box
  4. Plastic Container – No tools needed!


1. Chicken Wire Frame Lighted Gift Boxes

Usually it’s what’s inside the box that fills us with wonder and surprise, but not this time! This DIY Christmas decoration idea uses chicken wire, string lights and whimsical fabric to create an eye catching indoor or outdoor holiday display that is a true treat! We found chicken wire to be one of the most versatile frame options for making a variety of present shapes, but would recommend keeping these boxes to under 2ft tall. Chicken wire can start to lose shape under its own weight. If you want to make bigger lighted gift boxes, try reinforcing the inside of your chicken wire frame with a few pvc pipes or wooden dowels or scroll down for our PVC frame lighted gift box instead.

Ready to create your chicken wire frame lighted gift box?  Click Here for Step By Step Instructions!

Chicken Wire Frame Lighted Gift Box DIY

Chicken Wire Frame


2. Wood Frame Lighted Christmas Presents

For the sturdiest of DIY lighted Christmas presents, wood frames work best! Follow our step by step guide below to assemble your wooden boxes, then wrap your presents with vivid LED lights and outdoor rated fabric. After your project is complete, place your glowing gifts in the yard to create a high impact outdoor Christmas lights display and spread holiday cheer throughout the entire neighborhood this year!

Ready to make your own wood framed lighted Christmas presents? Click Here for Step by Step Instructions!

Create Lighted Gift Boxes To Use as Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

Wood Frame


3. PVC Frame Lighted Christmas Presents

This DIY Christmas idea takes what we already love about Christmas presents under the tree and showcases them as very large lighted gift boxes for your front yard. Using PVC pipes, string lights and festive fabric you can create giant outdoor Christmas decorations that will have the whole neighborhood talking! Our largest PVC gift box is 4ft. x 4ft. but you can go even bigger!

Ready to make your own PVC framed lighted Christmas presents? Click Here for Step by Step Instructions!

Create Your Own PVC Outdoor Christmas Present Decorations!

PVC Frame


4. Plastic Container Lighted Gift Boxes

This might be the fastest DIY Christmas decoration you ever make! Using a semi transparent plastic container, Christmas ribbons and string lights you can create a lighted gift box perfect for use indoors or as a cheerful Christmas porch decoration. Customize your design with your favorite light colors, and add festive holiday bows to match your existing Christmas decorations! Velcro strips allow you to swap out your ribbon colors each season,  making this lighted present an adaptable addition to any holiday decor theme!

Ready to make your own plastic container lighted Christmas presents? Click Here for Step by Step Instructions!

Lighted Gift Box DIY  using a plastic container, string lights and holiday fabric.

Plastic Container

Not ready to make your lighted gift boxes yet? Save or Pin this page for later and when you do decide to make your own lighted Christmas presents, let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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