How to Hang Curtain Lights in 3 Easy Steps

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how to hang curtain lights

Curtain lights brighten the backyard and deck

When the sun sinks down and the moon comes up, your backyard can turn dark and uninviting. To banish this night time dilemma, use our incredibly simple and breathtakingly beautiful curtain lights to light up your deck.

Ideas for when to use curtain lights:

  • general deck lighting
  • graduation parties
  • weddings
  • dinner parties

Regardless of why you hang curtain lights, the process is the same, just three easy steps to cozy, inviting lighting!

Step One: You Need Curtain Lights!

For this project you will need enough curtain lights to go across the space you are lighting as well as something to hold the lights in place. We chose hooks with adhesive backs, however you may want to use nails or screw in hooks for a more permanent or longer lasting installment.

Note: Our deck required three sets of light curtains which totalled 18 ft. If your project requires coverage across a longer distance, LED curtain lights allow for up to 29 sets connected.We were using incandescent lights however, which are UL Listed to allow up to 3 sets to be connected – perfect!

Supplies for Hanging Curtain Lights

Curtain lights supplies

Step Two: How to Actually Hang your New Curtain Lights- Hook, Nail or Clip

Start at the end closest to your power source and begin attaching adhesive hooks, nails or screws to the hanging surface. We chose to place a hook at the first light drop to support the plug, and from there our hooks were placed in between each light drop. Because each drop is spaced 6” apart there is no need to measure. We decided to go with every drop so that each hook only had to support a small amount of weight, however If you are using a nail or screw you could space them every 2 drops instead. If you are hanging from gutters you can re-use your icicle light clips from the holidays, and the standard use is a clip for every drop.

Hang curtain lights with adhesive hooks

Hooks placed between every light drop

After your first section of lights is complete, you can connect the first and second sections via the end to end connectors and continue attaching the strings to your hanging surface across your space.

How to Hang Curtain Lights

First and Second light strings attached via end to end plugs

Hang Curtain Lights with Hooks

Final two sections connected

Once you reach the end of your run, consider adding an extra hook to support the end plug and to create a polished finish.

How to Hang Curtain Lights - DIY

End plug secured around final column

Step Three: Light it up!

Plug your lights in and enjoy the gorgeous glow! You’ll need outdoor rated extension cord if hanging your lights on a deck or outdoors, since the lead is only 7.5” – great for end-to-end use, but not quite long enough to reach most outlets.

Create a wall of illumination using Light curtains

Curtain lights project complete!

DIY how to hang curtain lights

Curtain lights illuminate a covered deck

curtain lights create a shimmering wall of light

Summer party lighting!


We highly recommend choosing a more permanent installation method, because once you get these up, you won’t want to take them down!

Hosting an outdoor party? Take a look at our patio and event lighting page for even more ideas!

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