How to Wrap a Tree with Lights

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Wrapping outdoor trees with Christmas lights creates beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations using your yard’s natural aesthetic. Wrapped outdoor trees are often seen in botanical gardens and light shows, and suit any decor. While it may look like a challenge, it is easy once you know the steps. Learn to wrap trees like a professional by following this easy tutorial.

How to Wrap a Tree with Lights

First, choose your lights. The best lights for wrapping trees are mini lights or LED mini lights. In this process, we’ve chosen to use 5mm wide angle LED strings. How many strings you’ll need will depend on the tree’s height. You can read recommendations on our Light Calculation page.

Ball the String

Ball the String of Lights

Ball the string to make it easy to unwind without hitting a snag. Preparation is one of the most important steps in wrapping a tree. Leave the male plug out at the base of the tree so that you can run power to the string once it’s wrapped.

Wrap Around the Trunk

Wrap Lights Around the Trunk

Wrap around the trunk, leaving the male plug at the base. Wrap upwards, leaving enough space to come back down. Wrap firmly but not too tightly, giving the tree enough room to breathe.

Wrap the Branch

Wrap the Branch

At branches, wrap the lights out onto the branch, leaving enough space to come back down. If you hit the end of a string, simply plug a new string into the female plug to create end-to-end runs. For more information on wrapping tree branches, visit our complete tree wrapping guide.

Wrap Back Down

Wrap Back Down

Secure using smaller limbs and then wrap back towards the base of the tree.

Continue Wrapping

Continue Wrapping the Lights

Continue wrapping branches out and back. Lighting 3/4 of the branch is ideal, and not every branch needs to be wrapped.

Finish Wrapping

Finish Wrapping

Once your chosen branches have been wrapped, wrap back down the trunk towards the base. This adds extra light to the trunk. When finished, plug in and enjoy the light at night.


Wrapped Outdoor Trees in Christmas Lights

Here is what you can expect your wrapped outdoor tree to look like.

tree wrapping

Tree Wrapped with Christmas Lights

light wrapped trees, tree wrapping

Tree Wrapped in White Christmas Lights

halloween string lights

Halloween Light Wrapped Trees

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