Ideas for Decorating Your Roof This Christmas

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Outdoor Christmas lights have gone through a great transformation from what many of us remember as children. Whereas our fathers struggled to illuminate a garage door or front window seal, we can now choose beautiful LED Christmas lights that can serve to outline our roof or to create an inviting path that welcome guests and family to our front door. Today’s advanced outdoor Christmas decorations allow for us to light up the outdoors in a fashion we remember being able to do with only our living rooms as a youth.

Draw Attention To Your Roof Line  This Christmas With LED Lights

Draw Attention To Your Roof Line
This Christmas With LED Lights

Illuminate Rooflines

There is no greater way to make your house stand out this Christmas season than with a professional appearing, spectacularly lit roof line. With LED Christmas lights, bulbs that are bright enough to be seen individually from the street, creating an impressive visual impact has never been easier. The following are the best lights for outlining:

  • White or colored C9 bulbs
  • Icicle lights
  • Animated lights that twinkle or change color

Regardless of your selection of bulb, individual color choice, or style of presentation, the ability to create a unique atmosphere with holiday lights is literally at your fingertips.

Christmas Light Clips  Ensure A Great Look

Christmas Light Clips
Ensure A Great Look

How to Hang Bulbs on the Roof

We are only limited by our own creativity as to what type of Christmas lights display we want to create; you can virtually execute almost any of your holiday lighting ideas. Best of all, there is no great skill needed to make your house the envy of the neighborhood. Use the following guides to hang Christmas lights:

With the use of these two guides and the previously referenced lights, you are well underway to creating your own Christmas decorations masterpiece that will be remembered by generations to come.

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