Light Wrapped Trees for a Fun Spring and Summer

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You’ve seen plenty of light wrapped trees and maybe even wrapped a few trees of your own around Christmas time, but have you ever thought about wrapping a blooming tree with string lights?

Much like the boxes of tinsel and garland gathering dust in your garage, it’s easy to pack the idea of decorating with string lights away into the far corners of your mind after December. However, we’re here to help you see how creative string lights can be any time of year! Recently we wrapped a magnolia tree with warm white led string lights — our favorite color choice for adding ambient lighting to the garden in springtime — and we have to say, the result was even more gorgeous than we could have hoped!

Here’s a sneak peak…

Magnolia Tree Wrapped with LED String Lights

Magnolia Tree With String Lights


Those blooms! Those lights! We were mesmerized. The warm white LEDs made the flower blooms glow from within and the tree was alive with light! Can you imagine hosting a dinner party under this tree or even placing a bistro table and chairs underneath to enjoy listening to the sounds of the evening? Kids would love the extended playtime with a hammock or tire swing hanging from a sturdy branch too! When your tree is done blooming the lights will still look amazing next to the green canopy of leaves, so you could easily enjoy your light wrapped tree into the summer. And, if you want to add more personality to your tree, here are some of our favorite hanging decorations – perfect for branches!

String Light Wrapped Trees

Magnolia Tree Branches Wrapped With String Lights

Tree Branches Wrapped With String Lights


Have we inspired you to wrap one of your trees with string lights? If so, visit our How to Wrap Trees page for step by step instructions for creating light wrapped trees like the pros. Or, if you’re short on time, create uniform lighting quickly with net lights and tree wrap lights!

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