Easy Ways to Save Money this Christmas

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Easy Ways to Save Money: Sign up for savings

The holiday season excites adults as much as children, creating a strong desire to plan a big family Christmas dinner, decorate a new tree, surprise loved ones with gifts, and find a new wrapping paper that is Pinterest-perfect. However, all of these exciting ventures usually come with a cost, and balancing the cost with ideas requires a little planning.

Here is a quick list of ways to save money this holiday season:

  • Sign up for email lists with all your favorite websites. Email lists ensure you get the alert that a sale is coming, as well as exclusive deals.
  • Follow brands on Twitter and get promotional deals that do not get sent via email. Emails blasts cost a lot of money, making Twitter the microphone for smaller deals.
  • Does your bank offer insights with a cashflow calendar view? This is a great way to plan your larger spends. Setup can take 30-45 minutes, but is well worth it. It is more fun to shop with abandon when you know you are not going to miss a bill.
  • Shop online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online deals are unbeatable during these two days, and there are no lines. Look for early bird sales as well.
  • Stay loyal to your favorite online stores. When you shop around, you spend extra time, gas, and shipping fees.
  • Shop tax-free online. You can still make large purchases without paying tax with most online companies that do not have retail outlets throughout the country. For example, if you shop at Christmas Lights, Etc and product is delivered to any state outside of our home state of Georgia, the orders do not get charged tax. At the same time, if you live in GA you can pick up your order at our showroom, and save on shipping. The whole country benefits!
  • Get the real numbers on how much electricity Christmas lights use, and budget for power bills if needed.
  • Sign up with deal sites like Groupon and dine out and enjoy entertainment at half price.
  • Sign up for digital coupons at the grocery store. Most big chains like Publix and Kroger have similar deals, and you can login on the first of the month and check all of the deals you want. When you get to the cash register, you simply enter your phone number. This works great for those who hate to plan and clip.
  • Don’t go food shopping hungry.

There are many more ways to save money during the holiday season, depending on how much you want to restrict your budget. Take advantage of these tips and tricks for saving money, and stretch your wallet a little further this season. Sign up for the Christmas Lights, Etc email below, and never miss a sale again.

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