Rope Light Takes Decorating to New Levels

Rope Light

Rope Light

Rope Lights for Ambient Lighting

Rope lights are a great way to decorate any time of the year whether for holidays, weddings or just ambient lighting for homes. They offer a cheap and power-friendly way to decorate, and rope light comes in lengths up to 200′ so any area can be decorated despite size. If possible, purchase needed length to avoid cutting; however, this isn’t always feasible. Cutting rope light can be intimidating, but by following these simple steps, you’ll soon be installing rope light like a professional.

Rope Light Cut Marks

Rope Light Cut Marks

How to Cut Rope Light

Whatever length you purchase, make sure that your rope light is unwound from the spool and unplugged. Then follow these instructions:

    • Find the cut mark on the rope light and cut only there. Cut marks generally appear every 4″ to 72″ depending on the particular rope light and are indicated by dashes or scissor outlines.
    • Snip the rope light with kitchen shears or other sharp cutting utensils. Make sure the cut is clean to avoid short circuiting.
    • Bend the rope light to the right and left and cut any copper wires that may protrude. This perfects the cut.

Now you’ve cut rope light. Easy, isn’t it? With customizable sections, you can decorate in any location in the home.

How to Connect Rope Light

If you are finished with your run of rope light, cover the newly cut end with an end cap or seal with a silicone adhesive. If connecting two pieces of rope light with a connector kit, make sure the rope light is the same voltage. Then insert the connector, making sure that the small metal pins align with the rope lights’ holes and insert firmly.

Cove Lighting with Rope Light

Cove Lighting with Rope Light

How to Hang Rope Light

When rope light is heated, it can be formed into several unique shapes, including rope light motifs. Rope lights can be hung by using zip ties, or they can be hung more professionally using channels, mounting clips, and crocodile clips for permenant installation. To hang rope light on the roofline on gutters or shingles for any holiday, use a rope light clip for seasonal decorating.

For a more in depth look at Rope Light, check out the Rope Lighting Guide. It will offer tips and tricks for decorating and describe rope light in detail.


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