Earth Day Brides Conserve with LED Wedding Lights

For decades, wedding planners have chosen conventional clear mini lights to illuminate reception halls, light up outdoor tents and highlight wedding centerpieces and focal points. These lights offered that signature soft glow, transforming common rooms into elegant dreamscapes. These days however, modern brides and planners want to focus not only on their budgets, but also on the environmental impact of their choices and what kind of statement their big day makes about them.

LED Wedding Lights

LED Wedding Lights

Today’s brides have many more environmentally friendly options than their predecessors; from invitations made from recycled paper to locally grown, organic flowers to energy efficient LED lighting. When creating an ambiance, LED icicle lights offer the brilliance and sparkle that brides desire. Because LED wedding lights are naturally brighter than incandescent lights, fewer strands are required to achieve the same level of luminosity, and right away fewer strands mean less power. In addition to fewer strands, conventional wedding lights use 80% more power than their LED counterparts. The end result is that lower power consumption results in reduced energy costs and a reduction in demand for energy produced by high polluting energy plants.

If your plan is to make your wedding unique, beautiful, and environmentally friendly – LED wedding lights are the way to go.


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